King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Leaving Early Access In February 2022

And there's more updates coming.

King Arthur

NeocoreGames have announced that their dark medieval fantasy RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will be leaving early access and launching as a full release on Steam on February 15th, 2022. Still, the developers have some more updates and content planned for the game before then. Check out the announcement video/dev diary at the top of the page.


What Is King Arthur: Knight’s Tale?

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a darker retelling of the myth surrounding the medieval king. Instead of playing as Arthur, you instead play as Sir Mordred, the infamous black knight and nemesis of King Arthur. During a fateful bout, you both killed each other, and yet, both of you still live. The Lady of the Lake has revived you to finish the job: kill King Arthur, who’s taken his dying vessel to Avalon and corrupted the world around him.

You’ll build a small team from up to 30 heroes, with six classes to choose from. There’s a tactical, turn-based combat system in play, along with a narrative and morality system that champions player choice. You’ll have to manage the loyalties of your team too, otherwise they might even turn against you. We had a chance to play the early access build earlier this year, and it certainly showed a lot of promise.


What Can Players Expect From King Arthur Before/After Launch?

Ahead of the full game’s launch, NeocoreGames will be adding an optional PvP mode to the game, which will be a core pillar of the final game. Once the game finally launches in February, you can expect the full campaign that includes over 20 story missions and a host of side missions to boot. There’ll also be the PvP, along with a campaign endgame that’ll provide players will plenty of challenging missions.

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