Kanye West Reportedly Scales Mountain to Record His Next Album

Yeezy is going full-on Rocky IV to inspire himself to make some new music.


This is enough weird internet for one day, thank you.

According to TMZ, known survivalist Kanye West is recording his next album in a retreat on top of a mountain in Wyoming, seemingly in a bid to escape the public eye. Apparently, it didn’t work – the ravens of TMZ never rest and they found you, Kanye. You cannot escape them.

Kanye West hasn’t released a new album since 2016’s Life of Pablo, which was fairly well-received but may not go down as one of his best when all is said done. Hopefully, with Rocky IV proving the main source of inspiration, West will be able to dust off the cobwebs and deliver something killer once again.

Or he can never find solace from the claws of the press and continue to be creatively stifled by the media’s obsession with his mental state, constantly egging him on to create headlines at the risk of his downfall. One or the other, really.



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