June 2018’s Xbox Game Pass Additions Revealed

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft have just revealed the next additions to the Xbox Game Pass library, and though there are a couple of highlights, there’s a dud or two thrown in there too. Hey, not every month can be filled with winners. Check out the additions below:

Next Up Hero has been available on Steam for a few months now on Early Access, but it seems to be launching on the Xbox One as part of the Game Pass program, similar to Laser League or Robocraft Infinity. Retro fans will relish the opportunity to revisit a classic series with the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, whilst hardcore RPG people will be hitting up Wasteland 2. Unfortunately, The Technomancer is also there, and the less said about that, the better.

Of course, these additions come at a cost, as 21 games will be leaving the subscription service at the end of May, including the Bioshock trilogy and more. Though a lot of the losses are Xbox 360 games, that’s still a significant chunk of games being culled.

What are your thoughts on June’s Xbox Game Pass line-up? Sound off in the comments below, and check out the best free-to-play games available on the Xbox One. 

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