Jason Bateman Confirms Season 5 of Arrested Development

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Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth, Arrested Development) has just confirmed over on Twitter that he’s officially signed on for the fifth season of Arrested Development:

Whilst a fifth season of the show has been in the works for a long time, with the actors continually saying that something was being plotted and planned, this is the first time we’ve heard that Bateman is officially on board for season five and, potentially, beyond.

Season four of the show came out in May of 2013, and consisted of 15 Netflix-produced episodes. Whilst the episodes were quite different to the seasons that preceded it, they contained some great story threads and set the scene for a murder mystery that we’ll hopefully see solved sometime in the fifth season. The last time we saw Bateman’s character Michael, he had just been punched in the face by George Michael (Michael Cera) so he’s got a pretty good hook to come back in on at the start of season five.

So far, there is no planned filming date for Bateman and co. to return to set, but we’ll update you as soon as any further information is released.

Are you excited about the news that Bateman is officially signed on for the fifth season of Arrested Development? What did you think of the show’s fourth season? Let us know in the comments below!


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