IT: Chapter 2 Releases Its Final Trailer

Looks like the grandma wears clothes in this one.

The final trailer for IT: Chapter 2 is here, and it looks like with this chapter, there is going to more scares than laughs. This comes after the first trailer release in May, with both trailers making sure to tease rather than spoil anything. The losers club is back, this time as adults, to finish the dance they started with Pennywise all those years ago. Time may have passed, but it looks like things don’t really change in Derry, Maine.

With funhouses that look more nightmare-inducing than fun, and a fantastic glass chamber sequence with James McAvoy as Bill, the trailer has done its work in getting us excited for the next installment of the IT series. Before you watch it, maybe turn on some of the lights first, or don’t do it if you’re about to head to bed, because Pennywise floating around and defying gravity is not something I want to see in my dreams.

It appears that Jackson Robert Scott will resume his role as Georgie in this movie, though of course as an apparition of Pennywise’s creation. His scary repetition of the iconic line “You’ll float too” has been replaced with a more guilt-ridden line, with him saying (or yelling scarily) to Bill: “You lied and I died!” A plus for the use of rhyme, kid.

IT: Chapter 2 will be coming to theatres September 6, 2019.

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