Is Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Coming To Xbox?

KOTOR remake
KOTOR remake

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, often abbreviated as KOTOR, is a bona fide classic RPG from 2003. The Star Wars IP has only grown larger, and with other franchises like Resident Evil remaking iconic games, now it’s their turn. In 2021, Aspyr and Sony announced that a Knights Of The Old Republic Remake is now in development.

Considering that Sony is the company that announced the game, you might wonder if that means they get to have exclusive rights to it. More specifically, is Knights Of The Old Republic Remake coming to Xbox, whether that’s Xbox Series X & S or Xbox One?

Unfortunately for Xbox-only players, Knights Of The Old Republic Remake is a console exclusive for the PlayStation 5. The game will also be available for Windows PC users. However, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Ryan Treadwell, Aspyr’s lead producer, stated, that Knights Of The Old Republic Remake is “a console exclusive on PlayStation 5 at launch.” Leading many to believe that, after a certain time, the game may be available on Xbox and other consoles.

Take that with a grain of salt though, because the development of the game has transferred over from Aspyr to Saber Interactive. There may be more changes going on in the background.

This news is pretty ironic since the original Knights Of The Old Republic actually came out on Xbox and isn’t available on any PlayStation console to this day.


About Knights Of The Old Republic Remake

For players who are new to the game or need a refresher course, here’s what Knights of the Old Republic is all about.

Admittedly, hardly anything about the gameplay of Knights Of The Old Republic Remake has been made public. There have been dozens of rumors, but the most reliable source that fans can base their expectations on right now is the original Knights Of The Old Republic.

Plotwise, the original KOTOR takes players back to a newly established Galactic Republic. You will first customize your own character, who then awakens on a Republic ship under attack by the Sith Lord Malak. You will then go on various adventures, all building up to your fated face-off with Malak.

Players can choose their path, such as which planets to go to, and eventually, even which side of the force they want to fight in.

As for the gameplay, its combat is very much in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons or other similar tabletop RPGs. Players get to roll a D20 die, which will determine if their attacks push through and how effective they’ll be. Items, stats, and perks will also affect how good the dice rolls will be.

Outside of combat, players can travel around and communicate with other characters in the game. Knights Of The Old Republic uses a dialogue menu similar to Mass Effect or Fallout to ask people questions and learn more about the world around you.

Ryan Treadwell said they will try to stay true to the original game’s story, but of course, there’s still no telling how much the developers will or won’t change in the remake. Especially now that Aspyr isn’t in charge anymore.

The bad news is: it’s unlikely that any other big details about Knights Of The Old Republic Remake will be surfacing anytime soon. The game’s current status is “delayed indefinitely” ever since its design and art directors were fired in 2022.

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