Hunters: Season 3 – What You Should Know

Hunters Season 3
Hunters Season 3

The end of World War II left a power vacuum begging to be filled. It’s up to the Hunters to ensure the Nazis don’t fill it back up. Will their crusade continue with Hunters: Season 3?

Hunters is a conspiracy drama by David Weil set in 1977. It’s been decades since Nazi Germany’s surrender, but their beliefs linger on in some. Fortunately, a group known as the Hunters have dedicated themselves to rooting out and exterminating any hidden Nazis in the free world.

And they were hugely successful with it too. By the end of Season 2, they put Adolf Hitler, who apparently survived World War II, to justice. What’s next for the Hunters? Here’s what you should know about Hunters: Season 3.


When Is Hunters: Season 3 Being Released?

Series creator David Weil confirmed that Hunters: Season 2 is the last season. He mentioned it before the second season even aired.

The last episode aired on January 13, 2023, with Hitler behind bars, reduced to nothing more than a number. So, the good news is that the Fourth Reich has been effectively shut down. The bad news is that now, there’s no need for Hunters: Season 3.


Will The Cast Return For Hunters: Season 3?

The Hunters have disbanded and reassembled before, and the ending seemed to imply they’ll do so again. But with Season 2 being the last, fans won’t get to see the cast return for Hunters: Season 3.

You will get to see them in their other projects though. Here are a few upcoming projects from some of Hunters’ main cast members.

Logan Lerman (Jonah Heidelbaum) will be starring in two upcoming films: College Republicans and The Threesome.

Al Pacino (Meyer Offerman) will be playing roles in a thriller called Sniff and a drama called Billy Knight.

Jerrika Hinton (Millie Morris) has roles lined up in a TV mini-series called A Man In Full and a film adaptation of August Wilson’s play The Piano Lesson.

Lena Olin (The Colonel) is in an upcoming rom-com called Upgraded.

Carol Kane (Mindy Markowitz) will be voicing a character in the animated film Migration. She’s also in an upcoming TV series called Dinner With The Parents.

Udo Kier (Adolf Hitler) is moving from one drama to a few others. Bad Painter and A Distant Episode are two upcoming dramas with Udo Kier in them.


What Could Hunters: Season 3 Be About?

It really wouldn’t make much sense for a Hunters: Season 3 to come after what happened in the Season 2 finale. The hunters have taken down Adolf Hitler himself — how do you escalate from that?

Granted, they didn’t kill Hitler, so an escape could be possible. There were still Nazi sympathizers out in the wild, and the ending scene implied Jonah was far from done hunting. However, a continuation would just feel repetitive, and the show would be overstaying its welcome.

Hitler escapes/a new leader takes the seat, the Hunters band back together and beat them, repeat. That’s no good. Ending with the second season neatly ties up all the important storylines. All while still leaving fans with enough room to think of the characters’ futures.

You can catch both seasons of Hunters on Amazon Prime Video.

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