Bodyguard: Season 2 – Everything You Should Know


Bodyguard is a six-part political thriller created for the BBC that follows PS David Budd (played by Robert Madden), a veteran of the Afghanistan war who has returned to London to serve as a part of the police. Struggling with PTSD, he is nonetheless an exceptional officer and helps defuse a potential terrorist attack on a train. Afterwards, he is assigned to protect Julia Montague (played by Keeley Hawes), a Conservative MP and Home Secretary who supported the war abroad and who wants to bring in a new surveillance law as a measure to crack down on terrorism. Forced to protect a woman whose politics he hates, Budd becomes part of a conspiracy involving organised crime, corrupt politicians and terrorism.

The show had audiences enthralled when it aired in 2018, to the point that it was the most-watched BBC drama since 2008. While most viewers will recognise him as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, Robert Madden is exceptional in his performance as Budd. Though most of the mystery has been solved in the first season, there is still some question as to whether there will be a Bodyguard: Season 2 and whether Budd will be a part of some new major conspiracy.


When Is Bodyguard: Season 2 Coming Out?

There isn’t any official news about a potential second season for Bodyguard, just a bunch of ifs and maybes. The first hint at a second season was when writer and creator of the show Jed Mercurio made a tweet about it, but considering it has Robert Madden with Boris Johnson on the poster, it was obviously an April Fool’s Joke.

Outside of this prank, there is some more tangible information about the future of Bodyguard. Robert Madden said in a 2019 interview that the second season was in talks, while Mercurio said later on in that same year, “We’re in talks. We’re going through the logistics of it. There’s no real update now,” so it could be a while before we see a second season of Bodyguard.


Will the Cast Return for Bodyguard: Season 2?

It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone but Robert Madden playing the role of David Budd, and there are many candidates that are likely to be returning. These include but are not limited to Sophie Rundle, who plays David’s estranged wife Vicky, Gina McKee, Nina Toussaint-White and Ash Tandon, who played Budd’s colleagues and superiors on the force.

There is one character that we can rule out, and that is Keeley Hawes’ Julia Montague. Despite fan theories that she might still be alive and the actress getting asked if this is the case, unless she’s returning in flashback form, we can guarantee she won’t be back.


What Could Bodyguard: Season 2 Be About?

There are a number of ways Bodyguard: Season 2 could go. Considering how Season 1 ended, other likely routes could include Budd being the subject of revenge attacks – Budd helped put Luke Aikens (Matt Stokoe), a notable figure in organised crime, behind bars, as well as Nadia Ali, who made bombs for terrorist units.

The organisations they represent may want Budd’s head for the damage he has caused, not to mention the disgraced politicians and heads of government agencies who are out of a job because of him. Also, just because Budd finally went to see professional help for his PTSD doesn’t mean that it is suddenly cured, so that could continue to be a subplot. While we don’t know what will happen, we will update you as and when more information is revealed.

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