Hunt: Showdown PS4 Trophies: Difficulty & Time To Platinum

This is one of the hardest Platinums on the PS4, no question.

Hunt Showdown
Hunt Showdown
Release Date
February 18, 2020

Finally out on PS4 after being delayed from late 2019, Hunt: Showdown is a unique, uncompromising shooter with the looming threat of permadeath hanging around every encounter. It will make you tense muscles you didn’t even know you had.

As well as it taking you a long time to get acclimated to get the game’s unique ways, it is going to take an obscenely long time for you to unlock the game’s Platinum trophy on PS4. Trophies like Five-Ace Hand ask you to have five Hunters at level 50 at the same time, while Lone Wolf wants you to go up against the big bads of the bayou a whopping 50 times. It’s fair to say that most players won’t be up to it.

Here are those Hunt: Showdown PS4 trophies in full.


Hunt: Showdown PS4 Trophies

Hunt Showdown

Among LegendsCollect all other Hunt: Showdown trophiesPlatinum
Initiation CompleteComplete Trainee Mode.Bronze
Welcome to Tier 2Unlock Bloodline Tier 2.Bronze
Welcome to Tier 3Unlock Bloodline Tier 3.Silver
Bloodline PeakUnlock Bloodline rank 100.Gold
Convalescent HomeRetire 25 Hunters.Bronze
Fifty Shades of SurvivalGet a Hunter to level 50.Bronze
Five-Ace HandHave 5 level 50 Hunters at the same time.Silver
Jack of All TradesHave 15 traits on a Hunter at the same time.Bronze
Master HeadhunterRecruit 100 Hunters.Silver
Vestal ContractComplete your first Bounty Hunt contract.Bronze
In the Footsteps of Flaxman LowInvestigate 250 clues.Silver
Lone WolfKill 50 contract targets solo.Gold
Centennial ContractorComplete 100 Bounty Hunt contracts.Gold
ClairvoyantLocate a contract target without investigating any clue.Bronze
Sealed and SecuredClose 250 rifts in Quickplay matches.Silver
Easier than Mining SulphurAbsorb at least 250 energy from the Wellspring in a Quickplay match.Silver
First Come, First ServedFirst Come, First Served
Be the first to activate the Wellspring in a Quickplay match.
Live to Fight Another DaySurvive a Quickplay match.Bronze
To The Bitter EndBe the last Hunter standing in a Quickplay match.Silver
Simmer down, Hothead!Kill an Immolator without making them explode.Bronze
On the NoseKill 150 monsters with headshots.Silver
DebutKill your first enemy Hunter.Bronze
DeadeyeKill 100 enemy Hunters with headshots.
Eeny, Meele, Miny, MoeKill a contract target with a melee attack.Bronze
Throw Hammer or RunKill an enemy Hunter with a sledgehammer throw.Bronze
Regards from John L. SullivanKill 150 Grunts with the dusters.Silver
Battering RamBreak 50 doors.Silver
Louisiana fried ChickenBurn 50 chicken coops.Silver
Sightseeing in the SouthVisit every Lawson Delta location in one mission.Bronze
Swamp TouristVisit every Stillwater Bayou location in one mission.Bronze
Playing Tonight: Buddy BoldenPlay the gramophone and the piano in one mission.Bronze
Trinity Of PainBe on fire, get poisoned and bleed at the same time.Bronze
All In A Day's WorkComplete a daily challenge.Bronze
7 Days LaterComplete a weekly challenge.Bronze
Do Not DisturbHide in a toilet.Bronze
Monstrous BibliophileUnlock 25 entries in the Book of Monsters.Silver
Weapons BibliophageUnlock 50 entries in the Book of Weapons.Silver

Number of trophies: 38
Platinum difficulty: 10/10
Time to Platinum: 150 hours

That 150 hours is a pretty conservative number, in truth. Bloodlines take a while to level up, not to mention the fact that if any of your Hunters die, they’re gone for good. Don’t even attempt to tackle this plat unless you really, really want to suffer.

From our Hunt: Showdown review:

“Hunt: Showdown is an incredibly intense and sometimes nerve-racking game that will require a lot from you. In return, it delivers an experience and a world you will have a hard time finding anywhere else.”

Hunt: Showdown is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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