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Humble Bundle Just Dropped Two Great New Collections

A nice mix of games available across two different collections from Humble Bundle.

Game hoarders rejoice: Humble Bundle are bringing us a pair of damn fine bundles for us to bloat our collections with.

First up is the Intergalactic Bundle. Pay more than $1 and you’ll get yourself Space Hulk Ascension, Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity and Galactic Civilizations 2: Ultimate Edition. A dollar for the latter two is worth it alone, as for Space Hulk I’ve not played Ascension, but if it’s anything like its predecessor then I’d pay a dollar not to have it.


More than $7.86 will get you Planetary Annihilation: Titan and Rebel Galaxy. While I know nothing about Rebel Galaxy I did play Planetary Annihilation a while but it simply wasn’t for me. More than $15 will bag you the newest games in this bundle: Galactic Civilizations 3 and Offworld Trading Company. Both games have great reviews on Steam.

Most exciting for me, however, is the Wild Frontier Bundle. At more than a dollar, you will receive Gods Will Be Watching, Ice Lakes and Frontiers. Gods Will Be Watching and Frontiers have been on my radar a while even though Frontiers has mixed reviews; it is very reminiscent of Daggerfall. Ice Lakes is an ice fishing simulator. Sold.


$6.93 or more will also get you the wonderful Renowned Explorers, western turn based RPG Hard West and the troubled (but much loved) Spintires. Pay more than $13 and you shall also receive the fantastically relaxing farm game Slime Rancher. I already own this game and it is a joy to play.

Also if you sign up to Humble Bundles newsletter via the Intergalactic Bundle you can get the original Galactic Civilizations absolutely free!

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