Humble Book Bundle: Space Operas & Science Fiction by Baen Live Now

A lotta books here.


Humble has shared their latest book bundle, Humble Book Bundle: Space Operas & Science Fiction by Baen, which will give you six eBooks for a dollar and additional books the more you pay.

For the $1 tier, you get Going Interstellar by Les Johnson and Jack McDevitt, A Star-Wheeled Sky by Brad R. Torgersen, Shooting the Rift by Alex Stewart, Darkship Revenge by Sarah A. Hoyt, Dark Victory by Brendan DuBois, and The Best of Bova by Ben Bova.

Beating the average payment, which stands at $8 at this time of writing, will get you all of the books already mentioned as well as eleven additional books.

The top tier, which will set you back $15, includes everything on the lower tiers and thirteen more books. That’s 30 books for $30, or 50 cents per book.

The bundle is live from now for the next two weeks.

Humble Monthly‘s Early Unlocks this month are Slay the Spire and Squad.

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