Huge Detroit: Become Human Black Friday Deal At Argos

A whopping 66% (and a bit more) off for Detroit: Become Human for Black Friday.

Detroit: Become Human

If you’re yet to play one of 2018’s best stories featuring one brilliant android and another two that are just kind of there, Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human is down to a ridiculous price at Argos for Black Friday.

You can pick it up for just £13.99 from Argos right now, though stocks do seem to be disappearing fast — I unfortunately missed out at my local store. It doesn’t seem like it’s available for delivery, either.

This is an outrageous price considering that it’s going for £24.99 on the PlayStation Store right now. The next closest price I could find for it was on ShopTo for £15.85 but it looks like they were inundated with orders and are now out of stock.

From our Detroit: Become Human review:

“This is the first release from Quantic Dream that I’ve become fully immersed in, and I cannot wait to return to the gritty streets of 2038 Detroit to make alternate decisions.”

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