Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Plenty of Death Stranding Easter Eggs

Horizon Death Stranding Easter eggs

There’s nothing like a good easter egg in a game to tease something else, and that’s exactly what Horizon: Zero Dawn players are about to find out. As Guerrilla have lent their engine to Death Stranding, Kojima’s first foray into games development since his emancipation pops up multiple times in the biggest PS4 exclusive of the year.

While they don’t exactly like the lift off the enigmatic Twilight Zone episode wrapped in a shroud of question marks that is Death Stranding, the references are still neat little nods and show of respect from Guerrilla nonetheless.

Here’s what you can find:

– The necklace worn by Norman Reedus in Death Stranding’s first teaser trailer.

– The shackles from the same teaser.

– The infamous baby, otherwise known as the Stranded Figure, first seen in the trailer in which Mads Mikkelsen cemented his status as a man not to be trifled with.

They do have some value, which you can acquire by trading them in at special vendors.

Check out the video courtesy of Arekkz Gaming for the full breakdown.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out today in North America, tomorrow in Europe, and the day after in Japan. Meanwhile, Death Stranding has no release date, though you can expect to see more about it before too long. Kojima likes to keep people waiting.

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