Hitman & Hollow Knight Headline The New Humble Monthly


Another month, another Humble Monthly for you to part with $12 for. After a so-so previous month which saw only really Overwatch as a big game to tempt you out away from your money, November 2018’s shaping up pretty nicely indeed.

There are three Early Unlock games this month with more to be unveiled on November 2nd, at which point it will roll over into December’s offerings. Hitman is probably the marquee act of the bunch, IO Interactive’s superior stealther coming in its full package and with plenty of ways of murder to tide you over until Hitman 2 in November.

Hollow Knight is beloved by those who know about it and regularly goes for around $12 all on its own, so it’s a real snip here. If you have any love for Metroidvania games or understated lore with beautifully dark visuals, this might be perfect for you.

Hollow Knight

7 Days To Die is also including in the newest Humble Monthly and is a survival game in a world filled with zombies. You’re free to stop us if you’ve heard that one before, but you might find something you like within its rough edges.

As well as those three games, a Humble Monthly subscription will also grant you access to the Humble Trove: a collection of DRM-free games that are yours to download and keep forever, even if you’re only subscribed for a single month. As another smaller benefit, Monthly subscribers also get additional discounts in the Humble Store.

To sign up for Humble Monthly, you can check it out here but bear in mind that you will get a free month if you subscribe for three months right now. That works out at roughly 40 games for $36, which doesn’t sound bad at all.

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