Hitman: Game of the Year Edition Announced, Arriving Next Month

IO Interactive have announced that last year’s Hitman reboot will be bundled into a Game of the Year Edition that will be released on November 7th. More than just a repackage of the game’s Season One content, Hitman: GOTY will also include a slew of new missions, content and ways to assassinate your targets.

The main addition is the brand new campaign. Entitled Patient Zero, the campaign sees a routine assassination mission morph into a worldwide race against time to halt the spread of a man-made virus. During the 4 mission campaign, Agent 47 will be visiting reworked versions of Bangkok, Sapienza, Colorado and Hokkaido, complete with new targets, new opportunities, new time of day and more. Despite being the same setting, they’re completely different levels.

The GOTY editon will also include three new costumes and weapons, along with Escalation Contracts based on these outfits. 47 will be able to equip himself with the Clown Suit from Blood Money, with its signature bat, the Raven Suit with a Sieger 300 Ghost sniper rifle, for when you want to dispatch targets from a distance, or the Cowboy Suit and The Striker, which looks set to be a contender for “Greatest Magnum in Gaming”.

But this still isn’t all, as a tidal wave of free updates will also be rolling out on November 7th, including an overhauled UI, improvements to the Contracts mode, Xbox One X enhancements which include native 4K and improved framerate, and the return of the Elusive Targets. If you missed the chance to kill some Elusive Targets first time around, now is your chance to right those wrongs. For more details, follow this link.

If you haven’t stepped into the world of assassination and intrigue that is Hitman yet, the GOTY Edition will be available digitally on November 7th for $60. If you already own Season One but want to experience the Patient Zero campaign, you can purchase the GOTY Upgrade for a mere $20. Are you interested in this announcement? Check out the trailer and sound off in the comments.

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