Heroes of Rings: Dragons War Just Launched on Mobile

Heroes of Rings splash art

Kongregate and Codigames have just released their latest AR-compatible mobile game, “Heroes of Rings: Dragons War” onto iOS and Android platforms.

The game is a free-to-play, turned-based RPG that centres around the mysterious “Pillars of Creation”. The Pillars are being attacked by evil creatures that players must stop in order to defeat evil and progress in the game. Kongregate and Codigames also described Heroes of Rings: Dragons War’s combat system and customisation options:

The turn-based RPG is driven by a compelling Hero collection structure and unique battle system. Players will develop complex strategies based on the Heroes they use, their skills, and the turns remaining until the enemies attack. Each Hero is customizable with “Rings,” special items that can be upgraded and combined to unleash a Hero’s true potential. Players can participate in Arenas and Raids to win resources and fame, and challenging monthly and weekly events complement the intense and engaging PVP modes.

“They’ve built gorgeous characters, stylized in a way that really demonstrates the ’90s cartoons that influenced them,” said Mael Novat, Kongregate producer, “from the eccentric mix of animals, humans and technology to the quality of the animations and bold colors. Whether you are in the middle of an enchanted forest or a Japanese temple, their unique style gives a magical vibe to the universe.”

Heroes of Rings: Dragons War also provides support for augmented reality: utilising Apple’s ARKit, players can become a part of the action, move in between their characters and experience the game from a whole new point of view.

“Heroes of Rings will be our seventh game since the company was born in 2013,” said Francisco Martínez, CEO at Codigames. “Heroes of Rings’ game modes are based on learnings from those games. All the visual details and careful attention to battle mechanics are a direct result from the love born in those games.”

You can download the game for free on the Google Play store here, and also on the Apple App Store here.

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