Alien Day: Grab Some Alien Games At A Discount On Humble Bundle

Image Source: GameZone

To celebrate Alien Day, Humble Bundle are currently running an up to 75% off sale on all things Alien. Well, when I say all things, it’s just a few Alien games. Still, money off!

Easily the best one of the bunch is Alien: Isolation, which you can pick up in its complete edition for around £8.74 (roughly $10 USD). That includes the base game as well as all seven add-ons. For reference, just the game itself in the sale is £7.49 — pretty straightforward if you want the definitive Isolation experience.

Older gamers might have appreciated the rubbish brilliance of Aliens vs. Predator all of those years ago, and it’s now available as the Aliens vs. Predator Collection for £3.99, which includes Aliens vs. Predator, Aliens vs. Predator Bughunt Map Pack, and the Aliens vs. Predator Swarm Map Pack.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is also available for £6.24 along with all of its add-ons, but maybe just swerve it. The Alien Day sale on Humble continues for the next few days, so take a little closer look at it here.

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