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God of War: 6 Quick Facts You Should Know

It's not out until next year, but there are plenty of reasons to get excited about God of War already.

If you’ve ever felt stressed and just want to lean on comforting habits, like pulling the heads off of gods, the God of War series has always been there for you. Over its three games (and more if you count its portable spin-offs and prequels), players have revelled in the blood and guts like the violent catharsis that it is.

So when the confusingly named God of War was revealed at E3 2016 as a PS4 exclusive, people were pumped – it doesn’t exactly hurt that the orchestra present were bombastic to the extreme. But two things stuck out in the trailer from just a minute in: this isn’t the same Kratos, and this isn’t the same God of War.


More details and footage have been revealed since to add to the distinct impression that this a reinvention of sorts for a series that arguably didn’t need one, but the anticipation levels are still high. With it set to release sometime next year, here’s a quick rundown of some of the things you need to know about God of War.


1. God of War drops the blades, picks up the axe


God of War PS4

Kratos’ dual blades are iconic weapons in video game history, allowing fluid combos and the ensuing viscera to flow as you cackle like the crazed man that you are. Thanks to the emotional connection Kratos feels to them, however, he can no longer bear to wield them, opting for an axe instead. While it might seem like a much duller choice, Kratos’ axe is multi-purpose, allowing him to scale walls and all sorts. It might not look as cool, but the axe could be just as useful.


2. God of War introduces Kratos’ (not dead) son

Quite how Kratos managed to find anyone to have sex with him after the things he did remains to be seen, but Atreus is his son and he is far from a hindrance. While he has nowhere near the brute strength of his dad, Atreus is able to lend a hand in battle with ranged attacks, such as shocking arrows, as well as to jump on the backs of enemies, Ellie in TLOU style. Let’s hope Kratos doesn’t kill this one, eh?


3. God of War features destructible environments

God of War PS4

While perhaps not as ground-shatteringly revolutionary as it was in the days of Red Faction, destructible environments are always a nice touch in video games. It was previously hinted at last year’s E3, but E3 2017 confirms that the world can crumble around you, especially if big enemies are around. Knowing Kratos, it won’t be long before he’s spearing gigantic gods through mountains before they explode, or something equally grand.


4. God of War is inspired by Hard Boiled

God of War PS4

One extremely violent property is inspired by another extremely violent property, who’d have thunk it? But it’s not the amount of mayhem on screen at once that game director Cory Barlog wants to draw from, it’s the sequence of events. John Woo’s classic has an infamous shootout scene that’s all one shot, and that’s the emphasis Barlog wants for God of War. From the sounds of things, the game won’t let up for a second without a break and just keep plowing forward. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.


5. God of War has a new Kratos

God of War Kratos

Not in the sense that Santa Monica cloned the gruffest dad around, but in the voice department instead. Terrence C. Carson is out, replaced by Stargate SG-1’s Christopher Judge, joining the likes of Frank West and Snake in questionable switch-ups for established and beloved characters. Still, you try listening to Judge’s low, grumbling voice for more than a few seconds without feeling a sudden warmth trickling down your legs. The man’s a man. I expect someone tried to tell him off for accidentally revealing the game’s release date before quickly withering to dust.


6. God of War’s massive snake might be your buddy

God of War PS4

For the first time in the history of any media, a snake might actually not be up to some very bad stuff. Judging from the footage from E3 2017, Jörmungandr, the gigantic and scaly son of Loki (oh, wait a minute), rises from a lake before Atreus informs Kratos that he wants to help them. How that transpires in the game is anyone’s guess, but considering that he’s the offspring of Loki, they might not be your ally for the whole of God of War.

God of War releases exclusively for PS4 next year.