God of War Ragnarok: Where To Find Sovereign Coals

Sovereign Coals
Sovereign Coals

“Coals from the Draugr hole that refuse to fade.”

Sovereign Coals are a unique resource in God of War Ragnarok that are used in crafting.

They can first be found after you defeat The Hateful boss, who is located in The Watchtower, Bay of Bounty in Svartalfheim.

The Hateful
The Hateful

Defeating The Hateful isn’t a piece of cake, but really they’re not bad for an early games boss. Just keep using the frost on your Leviathan Axe against their fire and let Atreus pull the focus of the adds that appear. He also has quite a range of attacks, but most of them can be parried with solid timing.

Sovereign Coals can then be found in all of the Draugr Holes across each realm from here on.

Take Sovereign Coals back to the blacksmith brothers for some upgrading and to help Kratos grow up big and strong.

God of War Ragnarok is available on PS5 and PS4.

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