Goat Of Duty Is A First-Person Shooter With Goats, And It Looks Hilarious

It's just as crazy as it sounds.

goat simulator (1)

Although none of us asked for it, Goat of Duty is a first person shooter with goats. And yes, it looks absolutely ridiculous. Check out the trailer below if you don’t believe us. Be sure to read the description in the YouTube link too, because it’s fricking hilarious.

In Goat of Duty, you will play as a goat armed to the horns with heavy artillery, which you will use to blow your fellow goats into slices of chevon. Animal rights supporters might be hesitant to play this at first, but the whole thing is so damn ridiculous that it’s impossible to be taken seriously. And let’s face it, we’ve all had fantasies about being a goat with a rocket launcher strapped to its back. No? Just me?

Multiplayer battles will support up to ten players, and in addition to shooting, you will also have the ability to climb and jump over long distances. Gameplay modes will include free-for-all and team deathmatch, and the maps will take place across a variety of locations, including a farm, a slaughterhouse, and a space station.

Developer 34BigThings have focused primarily on creating a game which delivers fast-paced action as opposed to something which forces players to master different skills and techniques, so even if multiplayer shooters aren’t really your thing, you’ll probably enjoy Goat of Duty in short bursts when it trots onto Steam.

And even if it’s still too silly for your tastes, at least you can’t accuse publisher Raiser Games of false advertising, because this game is exactly what it sounds like. While it’s unlikely that this will be the next Fortnite, we think Goat of Duty looks like one heck of a good time. And seeing as first-person shooters have dominated the marketplace over the last several decades, it was probably only a matter of time before we got one with goats.

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