Ghostwire: Tokyo: How To Unlock The Fallout 4 Vault Suit

Ghostwire Fallout outfit
Ghostwire Fallout outfit

Ghostwire: Tokyo offers players plenty of chances to put together their best rapture look and even has a nod to another Bethesda property with a special Fallout 4 vault suit outfit that you can unlock.

To unlock the Fallout 4 vault suit in Ghostwire: Tokyo, players must complete the The Crimson Moon side quest from Ed, which can be found in between Kuo and Yashin shrine in the south of the map. It’s not far from where you start, head east as early as you can. You may need to cleanse torii gates to reach it.

Ghostwire Crescent Moon
Ghostwire Crescent Moon

To complete The Crimson Moon, players have to collect lunar data by reaching the top of three tall buildings and using the watch that Ed gives them while it’s pointed at the red (well, it’s more pink) moon.

Ghostwire Crescent Moon
Ghostwire Crescent Moon

Find all three locations on your map in the green circles. Once done, return to the phone booth and the mission will be completed with the following rewards:

– 5000 Meika
– Ghostwear outfit
– Fallout 4 Vault Suit
– 750 Spirits

To equip your new Fallout outfit, go to your character menu > Inventory > Clothing and then scroll down to outfits. Luckily, you don’t have to find your estranged spouse/father/gerbil once you equip the outfit.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on PC and PS5.

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