Get PUBG On Xbox One For 20% Off Before Launch

The Game Preview version of PUBG is available for a handsome discount.

If there was ever a surprising success story in gaming, it would be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. From scrappy upstart to the behemoth that it is now, PUBG is only ever on the up, especially with the announcement of the release date of its Xbox One edition.

Interested in picking up the Game Previews (read: Early Access) version of PUBG on Xbox One for a decent discount ahead of its December launch? If you’re a Prime member over on Amazon, you can pick up a physical edition of the game for 20% off.

Usually retailing at $29.99, you can get PUBG for $23.99 instead by pre-ordering with a Prime membership. As is becoming a bit of a weird trend lately, the boxed edition doesn’t actually come with a disc, just a download code. Still, it’s better than paying full price through the store.

Buy: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds – Game Preview Edition – Xbox One

In case you aren’t a Prime member, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial and get free shipping on lots of stuff.

It’s worth bearing in mind that this edition of PUBG is a WIP, so it might not be completely perfect. However, if you’re sick of the cartoony stylings of Fortnite and want some grit to go with your battle royales, it’s the big daddy of them all for a good reason.

This is totally unimportant, but here’s hoping that they release more press images for PUBG the bigger it gets. I’ve seen Tie Guy more than my own girlfriend in the past few months.

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