George Romero’s Son Is Making A Night Of The Living Dead Prequel

Screen Rant broke the story last night that Cameron Romero, the late George Romero’s son, is preparing to go forward with a prequel to his father’s groundbreaking film.

Don’t hold your breath, though. It seems like this has been in development since 2014, and there’s no sign of a script or a cast and there’s no projected release date. Just the announcement.

The synopsis doesn’t sound very promising, either. Apparently a scientist is trying to find “a way to sustain human life in the event of a nuclear holocaust.”


These things are always anti-climactic. I don’t know why anyone bothers with a prequel. Especially in this case. We know what’s going to happen. All the dramatic tension is gone from the first frame of the thing.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t watch it. Because I totally would.