George Carlin Biopic In The Works, Moneyball Writer On-Board

George Carlin
Credit: Morrison Hotel Gallery

You might not be able to hear his seven words on TV (at least not on a network anyway), but soon you’ll be able to hear them in a movie. Moneyball scribe Stan Chervin has been brought on to write a George Carlin biopic, which will be produced by his former manager Jerry Hamza and former agent Bruce Kaufman, alongside Jackal Group’s CEO Gail Berman and President Joe Earley.

George Carlin was easily one of the greatest comics of all time, his confrontational style influencing everyone from Bill Hicks to Chris Rock to Stephen Colbert. A recent list of the best ever stand-up comics lists Carlin just beyond Richard Pryor.

His work was fiercely political, especially his commitment to being able to say whatever he wanted. As Berman and Earley have said: “Carlin’s battle to protect free speech continues to impact our daily lives and is as relevant as ever.” Now, ten years since his death in 2008 at 71, a Carlin biopic could prove timely in today’s politically divisive times.

No one has yet to be cast and no production date has been set. Who would you like to play the legendary comedian? A fellow comic turned actor, or an actor turned comic? Sound off below.

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