Fortnite’s Getting Yet Another Shotgun

Another one?

Fortnite Tactical Legendary Shotgun

An in-game teaser has revealed that new variations of the Tactical Shotgun in Epic and Legendary forms will be coming to Fortnite in the near future, probably within the next couple of days alongside the v9.40 update.

Nothing is known yet about the Tactical Shotgun beyond the fact that it’s an improvement on the normal Tactical Shotguns, but that’s not exactly hard.

For those keeping track, this is the fifth shotgun that will be a part of the Fortnite loot pool unless v9.40 also vaults a different shotgun. If they all remain, however, there will be the Drum Shotgun (Common, Uncommon, Rare), Pump Shotgun (Uncommon, Rare), Combat Shotgun (Rare, Epic, Legendary), and Tactical Shotgun (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary). That’s a lot of buck.

Fortnite Tactical Shotgun

Epic previously added two new rarities for the Pump Shotgun (which remain vaulted), so it’s no surprise to see them doing something similar with the Tac. However, as the Combat is basically a souped-up Tac as is, what’s the purpose of adding this? The only way this would make sense would be if the Combat was also to be Vaulted, but then again, it’s the final week of a season that has almost entirely revolved around the Combat, so surely Epic would save such a swap for Season 10?

What’s also interesting to note is that Epic vaulted the Pump Shotgun at the start of the season before bringing it back during 14 Days of Summer permanently — or so we thought. They said at the time that they were “testing a world in which the Combat and Pump” can coexist, which sounds like they may re-vault the Pump at any time. Could the Pump be getting removed from the game again?

Whatever the case, it looks like Fortnite’s thirst for content cannot be quenched. I, personally, am looking forward to the Legendary Balloons that you can make people eat and then inflate when it’s inside them.

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