Fortnite Season X Bullseye: Complete The Skydiving Course Over Fatal Fields After Jumping From The Battle Bus

Quite the mouthful.

Fortnite skydive 2

The penultimate week (Week 9) of Fortnite Season X is here and with it comes the ‘Bullseye’ mission. The final mission for Season X hasn’t been formally revealed, so expect a surprise next week. As you might expect, Bullseye Is all about accuracy with its prescribed challenges.

This particular article is focused on the fifth challenge in the mission: Complete The Skydiving Course Over Fatal Fields After Jumping From The Battle Bus. As the challenge suggests, you’re tasked with exiting the Battle Bus above Fatal Fields and flying through the rings in order. There are four rings as you descend and you are able to simply float down with your glider out, if you’re not confident with your own skydiving skills.


Skydiving Course Location

As the challenge states, the skydiving course is located above Fatal Fields, which occupies F8 and G8 on the main map’s grid.


Skydiving Course

Fortnite Skydiving 2

The course itself isn’t too complicated, just ensure you fly through each of the four rings as you fly down, with the last ring rewarding challenge completion. Remember this can only be completed if you’ve jumped from the Battle Bus. So you can’t use a Rift to attempt this later in the match, not that I think a Rift can send you that high up to begin with.

If you find yourself constantly in matches that don’t have the Battle Bus pass conveniently close, you can always instantly deploy your glider after exiting the Battle Bus and glide over. Finally, don’t be afraid to take it slow if you need more time to line yourself up with the rings.

Completing all seven normal challenges this week will reward you with the ‘Vanquisher’ pickaxe skin (which is actually more of a giant hammer) and the ability to prestige this week’s mission.

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