Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass Skins & Styles: Rox, Vendetta, Vega, Bunker Jonesy & More

Here are all the Battle Pass skins you need to check out for Fortnite Season 9.

With Fortnite season 9 now underway, its Battle Pass skins have been properly revealed and they are certainly a varied bunch of skins that I personally think are a step above Season 8.

Here’s a rundown of the Battle Pass skins and a smarmy verdict on each. Remember: to unlock these skins you need to have purchased the Battle Pass, which you can buy either through leftover V-Bucks from season 8 (or earlier) or with a purchase through the storefront of whichever platform you’re on. The Battle Pass again costs 950 V-Bucks, which translates to £8/$10.

Once you purchase the Battle Pass/launch season 9, you will be greeted with the following screens.

Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass

Here’s the full reveal in video form.

Now here are those Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass skins in all their glory, with our verdict for each.


Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass Skins Review

Rox – Tier 1 Skin

Rox unlockable styles:
Style 1 – Default
Style 2 – Earn 10,000 XP
Style 3 – Earn 50,000 XP
Style 4 – Earn 100,000 XP
Style 5 – Earn 200,000 XP
Style 6 – complete 30 weekly challenges
Style 7 – collect 15 Fortbytes
Style 8 – collect 35 Fortbytes
Style 9 – Complete 10 weekly challenges
Style 10 – collect 5 Fortbytes
Style 11 – collect 25 Fortbytes

Rarity: Legendary
Grade: A

This is one of the best tier 1 skins in Fortnite history, in my opinion. There are so many unlockable styles to it that you can get almost the exact Rox you want, and while it may not be as cool as something like Lynx overall, it’s certainly more versatile. Expect sweats to treasure the first style of this one.


Sentinel – Tier 2 Skin

Sentinel unlockable styles:
Style 1 – Default
Style 2 – reach Tier 99

Rarity: Legendary
Grade: B-

Is this supposed to look like some kind of Gundam chicken? Because it looks like some kind of Gundam chicken. A cool enough skin, but I dislike that a whole tier of the Battle Pass is taken up by a variant for this skin. I wonder if Sentinel has a tie in to the season theme and story overall? The light and dark variation is interesting: reminds me a little of Omega and Carbide from Season 4.


Bunker Jonesy – Tier 23 skin

Bunker Jonesy

Rarity: Epic
Grade: B

The origins of this skin are darkly hilarious, and I like how Epic know who the best default skin is to base a Battle Pass skin off. Could play a big part in the season storyline to come, but perhaps it’s just this season’s joke skin, like Peely. Rest in peace, you yellow king.


Vega – Tier 47 skin

Rarity: Epic
Grade: B

Vega unlockable styles:
Style 1 – Default
Style 2 – outlast 2000 opponents
Style 3- outlast 6000 opponents

For some weird reason, I can’t help but think of the wildling who helped Bran in Game of Thrones for a bit mixed with Margaery Tyrell — I really don’t know why. Anyway, a solid enough female skin with some decent variations that will keep you playing. Nothing mindblowing here, just a nice neutral skin that is neither too crazy or too boring.


Stratus – Tier 71 skin


Rarity: Epic
Grade: C

This is very much a shrugworthy skin that I feel is the Battle Pass’s weakest overall. It’s really reminiscent of skins we’ve seen in the past like Teknique and Abstrakt, and it’s just not particularly exciting to see another twist on that. Its reactive nature is cool, but yeah: Stratus is Fortnite Season 9’s most underwhelming Battle Pass skin.


Demi – Tier 87 skin

Fortnite Demi

Rarity: Epic
Grade: A-

Prepare some towels for the Fortnite sweats because they are going to be positively dripping all over this skin. A little bit risque for a game played predominantly by kids perhaps, but there’s no doubting that Demi is a great skin overall that would pair well with Rook in a duo.


Vendetta – Tier 100 skin

Vendetta style 1

Vendetta unlockable styles:
Style 1 – Default
Style 2 – Earn 20,000 XP
Style 3 – Earn 75,000 XP
Style 4 – Earn 150,000 XP
Style 5 – Earn 250,000 XP
Style 6 – complete 65 weekly challenges
Style 7 – outlast 10000 opponents
Style 8 – collect 85 Fortbytes
Style 9 – Complete 45 weekly challenges
Style 10 – outlast 10000 opponents
Style 11 – collect 80 Fortbytes

Rarity: Legendary
Grade: A-

Say what you will about Epic, but that they keep the Battle Pass the same price when they have so many more styles than they ever did before is a wonderful bit of business for players. This oni-inspired skin is one of the least bombastic tier 100 skins we’ve seen (Luxe will always be the least), but the amount of styles on offer here is staggering, including flames coming out of the shoulders. The only reason to ding it down? Some of the styles really blend into each other; they’re not quite distinctive enough. Adding to that, they take slightly too long to unlock for what they are.

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