Fortnite Season 6 Guide: Week 6 Battle Pass Challenges Walkthrough

Fortnite Haunted Castle

Week 6 is here and the usual seven challenges are present. Nothing has changed in the interim, the Battle Pass still requires 950 V-bucks to access the four Battle Pass challenges.

This week’s challenge are rather vanilla with one interesting and unique take on the traditionals scavenger hunt challenges they’re so fond of.


Fortnite Season 6 Guide: Week 6 Challenges – Free Tiers


Place Chillers in different matches (3 Chillers)
The Chiller is the ‘common quality’ (grey) trap that releases an ice field when it activates (giving everyone sliding ice cube boots). All you need to do is place one Chiller each match over three matches and you’re done.

Search a chest in different named locations (7 chests)
Another simple challenge, you need to open a chest in a named location (basically any main town, village or location on the map will be named). It can’t be the same location multiple times in a row, but it can be done over different games. It won’t take long over the course of normal play.

Shotgun eliminations (3 eliminations)
Any shotgun will do. Find a shotgun and land some killing blows with them. As per usual, if it’s a team orientated game mode you must knock them out with the shotgun, then they must be eliminated by being killed in their downed state. This does not have to be done with the shotgun.


Fortnite Season 6 Week 6 Challenges – Battle Pass Tiers


Multi-stage: Land at specified locations (5 stages)
As most people should be familiar with by now, this is a classic multi-stage challenge that requires you do each stage in a different match. Five stages means a minimum of five games in which this whole challenge can be completed. This challenge asks you to land at five specific locations in order, the order is: Shifty Shafts > Risky Reels > Retail Row > Haunted Hills > Leaky Lake.

Deal damage pickaxe damage to opponents (250 damage)
Your standard ‘deal Y damage with X weapon type’ challenge. This week sees the return of the dreaded pickaxe damage challenge. Once again there are two easy ways to get this done. The first, is to land in a crowded area and try to bully people looting. The second, is to queue into 50v50 or squad based game modes and down people with a proper weapon, then pick them together for an easy 100 damage.

Multi-stage: Find music sheets and play the piano (4 stages)
A rather unique spin on the scavenger hunt style challenges. Tieing in the multi-stage design Epic has become so fond of in recent months, you’re tasked with finding a music sheet in one match, then playing that music sheet on a piano the next. We have a Fortnite sheet music and piano guide if you need one.

Multi-Stage: Eliminations with a specific weapon quality (5 stages)
This is a small twist on the regular ‘weapon family’ challenge. This time instead of using a family of assault rifles, shotguns or snipers for each stage, you’re instead tasked with using weapons of escalating quality. The first stage requires you use a ‘common quality’ (grey) and then it graduates in rarity by one stage each time you successfully complete it. Therefore, the stage order goes Common Quality (Grey) > Uncommon Quality (Green) > Rare Quality (Blue) > Epic Quality (Purple) > Legendary Quality (Gold/Orange). Remember, once you get an elimination with that type of weapon quality, you’ll have to finish the match before you can try with the next.

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