Fortnite Season 5 Guide: Follow The Risky Reels Treasure Map

Fortnite season 5 battle star

As we move into the first week of season 5, Epic has shown us an unwavering commitment to the treasure hunting tradition Fortnite enjoys. Nothing seems to have changed with the challenge in its transition to season 5; opening with the map version (as opposed to the landmark version) of the challenge this week. This week’s challenge asks you to find a map in Risky Reels, decipher the location it shows you (usually a crudely drawn rendition of a location, sometimes with a little information omitted or manipulated) and ‘dig’ up that treasure for your Battle Pass tier.

Remember, like every ‘find the treasure’ based challenge (that isn’t a ‘Road Trip’ one), you can skip straight to the location of the treasure if you already know where it is, bypassing the map step entirely. If you’re not interested in how the treasure is found – or you’re in a hurry – just skip to the final section of the guide. It will have a picture of the treasure location marked on the map as well as a picture of the treasure itself. For those interested in the whole process (or only want a partial answer revealed to them), read on.


Risky Reels Treasure Map

Risky Reels treasure map

There is a small garbage disposal area in the northeastern corner of Risky Reels. The map is located in this small section next to two large dumpsters. This appears as H2 on the main map’s grid.

risky reels treasure map

This week’s map is a vertical image (viewed from the side), rather than a horizontal one (viewed from above), very much like the season 4, week 5 treasure map that preceded it. As the game usually shows you a bird’s eye view of the treasure location, these vertical slices can be a bit trickier to decipher. However, this week’s landmark is quite a bit easier to spot than season 4’s ‘supervillain skull’ (at least for me).

The map illustrates a large tunnel with the treasure buried atop it. There is only one landmark on in Fortnite that looks remotely like this tunnel, and that’s the one near Tomato Town. Additionally, the map is also oriented so that you would be looking southward (the compass needle on the map is pointing south). So we know the treasure is located above this tunnel’s north entrance, which is also the entrance closest to Tomato Town. So, head on over to Tomato Town.


Tunnel Treasure

Fortnite Tomato Town

Fortnite treasure map

Simply follow the road leading south out of Tomato Town until you see the tunnel (it’s pretty hard to miss). The treasure will be buried on the cement roof (somehow) directly in the centre. This appears as G4 on the main map’s grid. Build up – or drop down – from above and interact with the treasure to complete the challenge.

Fortnite tomato town treasure

Fortnite Tomato Town treasure

This challenge and the ‘Seven Lightning Bolt’ challenge are the two challenges that benefit from a guide this week. If you’re looking for a list of locations for the Lightning Bolts, we’ll have that with you soon. The rest of the challenges are of the typical variety that we’ve seen in the previous season, with a few changes in the way they’re accused and organised. If you’re looking for a synopsis on those changes or a quick, but complete overview of the Week 1 challenges, check out that guide here.

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