Fortnite Season 5 Guide: Week 1 Battle Pass Challenges Walkthrough

Fortnite season 5

Season 5 is upon us and with it comes a massive slew of changes and 10 new weeks of Battle Pass challenges. Epic has decided to change the way the Battle Pass system works from previous seasons. No longer are all seven challenges locked behind the Battle Pass’ 950 V-Buck investment. Instead, the challenges have been split up to allow for the top three challenges (silver book) in the weekly list to be completable without the Battle Pass, while the bottom four challenges (gold book) remain only accessible to those that have purchased it. Additionally, the seven ‘Blockbuster’ secret challenges have returned, renamed ‘Road Trip’. As has the ‘season’ pickaxe that upgrades as you level up.

Epic has also changed the way they’re distributing rewards. Primarily, by placing more enticing rewards in the free-tier in addition to adding V-Buck rewards that only Battle Pass owners could previously receive. Note: they did not reduce the total amount of V-Buck rewards or the quality of the rewards (they look as good as season 4’s, if not better) for Battle Pass owners. Essentially, this is a win-win for both Battle Pass holders and free-tier players, as both sets of players get more V-bucks in total for completing challenges. All-in-all, Epic have really tried to create some goodwill with their player-base. By allowing free players to participate in some of the weekly challenges and earning free V-Bucks, they’ve improved the replay value for that slice of the player-base.

However, it should also be noted, that a move like this is an effective industry tactic that ‘encourages’ players to transition from free status to Battle Pass status. So I wouldn’t wholly chalk this change up to altruism. More of a “here’s some pretty nice free stuff, I hope you like it, so you can buy more of my stuff”, kind of move. I personally would still consider this a net positive move for the player base, though.

Without further prattling, below is a list of the seven challenges for week 1 and how to complete them.


Free tier

Fortnite omega carbide posters

Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500 damage)
Standard damage with X weapon type challenge. A recurring weekly challenge that has made its transition to season 5. Tactical SMGs and the Suppressed SMG are counted in this category. Fairly easy challenge to complete, SMGs are common, ammo is plentiful and their DPS is high. Shan’t take long.

Search a Supply Llama (1 Llama)
This is the ‘wildcard’ challenge for the week. You must find and finish interacting with a single Supply Llama. The difficulty with this challenge is finding the Llama to begin with. Luckily, they don’t function like supply drops, a Supply Llama can spawn on the map as soon as the game starts, which may help a patient eagle-eyed observer. Otherwise, finding one is down to luck.

Clinger, Stink Bomb or Grenade Eliminations (3 eliminations)
This is the simple ‘kill with X weapon’ challenge you receive every week. Clingers are probably the easiest to get kills with, as their hurtbox radius seems to be the size of the moon. Otherwise just find any type of grenade (that isn’t impulse) and spam them at people. Most players don’t know how to defend against nades, so this shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if they’re preoccupied with something – or someone – else.


Battle Pass Tier

Fortnite 1

Search Chests in Snobby Shores (7 chests)
This is the typical ‘search seven chests in Y location’ challenge you also receive every week. Snobby Shores is a fairly decent location for this kind of challenge. Moderately trafficked, high total amount of chests and a decent density. However, this is the first week of a new season, a lot of extra people will be playing to see the changes, so expect a murder-house if you’re attempting this challenge early on.

Search floating Lightning Bolts (7 Bolts)
This is the typical scavenger hunt challenge. Somewhat similar to the ‘Rubber Duckie’ or ‘Hungry Gnomes’ challenges. Lightning Bolts will be scattered throughout the map, at high altitudes. You need to build up to them and interact with them to get credit. If you’re not interesting in tracking them down yourself, or just want it done ASAP, we have a guide detailing all their locations on the way.

Follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels
This is the typical treasure hunt based challenge. Identical to all weeks that include this challenge; find map, follow map, grab treasure, collect Battle Stars. Like the previous weeks, you can skip straight to the treasure if you happen to know where it’s buried. If searching around doesn’t appeal to you, or want your tiers ASAP, we have you covered.

Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (3 eliminations)
Your final standard elimination challenge; ‘eliminate three opponents at Z location’. The location this week is Retail Row, which is Very heavily trafficked (probably only second to Tilted Towers) and lots of loot. As long as you don’t have abysmal luck obtaining a decent starting weapon, this shouldn’t be too troublesome to chip away at.

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