Fortnite Season 4: Dusty Depot Destroyed By Comet

Dusty Depot crater

The wait is over: Fortnite’s 4th season of content has landed alongside a comet, which has also taken Dusty Depot out with it.

The comet had long been expected to land and cause a massive change to the map with many indicators pointing towards the polarising Tilted Towers being the victim.

However, as season 3 drew to a close, the influx of “baby” comets hitting Dusty Depot led to the theory that it would be the one to go.

And it has. Travel to Dusty Depot right now and you will find a crater where it once was, replaced by a new area (with the new name of Dusty Divot) filled with something called Hop Rocks.

These new items will allow players to jump to high altitudes and embrace the new theme of the season. If you were put off by Fortnite’s silliness before, this season probably isn’t going to change your mind.

There is also an entirely new area by the name of Risky Reels, which you can find in the top right corner of the map:

Ahead of its official reveal, a trailer has leaked that shows off Fortnite’s newest season.

We’re still unpacking all of the changes for Fortnite season 4, so stay tuned.

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