Fortnite: Where To Find Pizza Party

Pizza Party
Pizza Party

“Big box of Slurpshroom Pizza for you and your friends.”

Fortnite‘s first season in Chapter 3 has been a bit of rip-roaring success, so it makes no sense that Epic are throwing a bit of a Pizza Party with a new item added as part of v19.10.

The Pizza Party is a healing item that is best used in squad-based modes. Players can share one of eight Pizza Slices of Pizza Party from its box, or even more if they’re feeling peckish, to heal both health and shields.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pizza Party item in Fortnite.


Pizza Party Stats

Item Pizza Party
Total Slices8
Max Slices Stack2
Healing Rate25 HP/Shield (maximum 50 Shield)

The Pizza Party is an item that can be thrown to open it up to allow you to pick up to a maximum of two Pizza Slices inside. Each Pizza Slice heals for 25 HP and Shield, with players able to heal up to a maximum of 150 health and shield. Similarly to how Small Shield Potions work, you cannot use Pizza Slices to heal beyond 50 shield.

Interestingly, the Pizza Party box itself is Epic rarity, but Pizza Slices themselves are only Rare.

The Pizza Party box also can’t be picked up again once thrown.


Pizza Party Locations

Pizza Party (and its Pizza Slices) can be found pretty much everywhere where loot typically spawns, including on the floor, llamas, and Supply Drops.

Players can also find the Pizza Party by buying it from Tomatohead at his Pizza Pit restaurant in Tilted Towers for 50 Gold Bars.


Pizza Party Trailer

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