Fortnite Getting A Battle Royale Mode On September 26th

In what’s sure to become the gaming trend of 2017, Epic Games have announced that they’re adding a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds style PvP mode to the recently released Fortnite. First it was GTA, now it’s Fortnite; what next? FIFA? The Journey protagonist Alex Hunter must kill 99 other potential England players so he can make his first appearance in a friendly against San Marino?

In a blog post on the Epic Games website, the team reveal some details about what players can expect with this new mode. Just like PUBG, it’s a 100 player free-for-all where the last person standing takes the prize. Because it’s Fortnite, you can utilise your crafting abilities to truly fortify yourself against 99 other players baying for your blood.

Epic are also keen to let players know that this new mode won’t come at the expense of the traditional PvE gameplay that Fortnite is known for. The team behind Unreal Tournament began experimenting with this mode, and appear be the ones who shall carry it forward. Also, the two modes are separate from one another, so balancing won’t be as much of an issue.

In our review, we found that Fortnite became something of a repetitive experience far too quickly, but the inclusion of this mode will no doubt do wonders to alleviate such issues. At least, that’s if the mode is any good.

The mode is available now as part of the public test realm, but you could always just wait until September 26th when the mode is available for everybody. If this kind of mode interests you but you’re yet to try the game out, Fortnite is currently on sale for all platforms. Check out the trailer below, grab your friends, fight the storm and survive the living.

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