Fortnite: EvoChrome Shotgun Stats, Tips & Location (UPDATED)

Fortnite EvoChrome Shotgun
Fortnite EvoChrome Shotgun

“This weapon hungers…Damage your enemies and it will grow in power.”

The EvoChrome Shotgun is a weapon added to Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season 4.

Tying in with the theme of the season, the EvoChrome is a shotgun covered in chrome, which seems to be controlled by The Herald, potentially a new big bad for the game. What that means from a gameplay perspective is a few twists on some old favorite weapons.

Here’s all you need to know about the EvoChrome Shotgun in Chapter 3 – Season 4.


Fortnite EvoChrome Shotgun Stats

WeaponEvoChrome Shotgun
AmmoShotgun Shells
Headshot damage129
Fire Rate1.5
Magazine Size8
Reload Time5.7 seconds

The above stats are for the Rare rarity version of the EvoChrome Shotgun.

What’s unique about the EvoChrome Shotgun, much like the EvoChrome Burst Rifle, is that its rarity increases the more that you use it.

If you keep using it over the course of a match and doing damage to opponents, you can take it from Uncommon to Mythic rarity.


Fortnite: EvoChrome Shotgun Location

The EvoChrome Shotgun can be found in Chrome Chests, new additions for Season 4 that operate similarly to all chests except they have a higher chance of dropping EvoChrome weapons and also come with a shiny sheen.

You can also find it on the floor in areas where there is chrome.

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