Is Fortnite’s Cube Queen Dead?

Fortnite Cube Queen
Fortnite Cube Queen

Fortnite‘s flip between Chapters brought about a monumental live event to finish things off with a bow. Chapter 2 — Season 8’s The End event showed the leader of a universe-trotting evil, The Last Reality, being bested by water. But was The Cube Queen really defeated?

The Cube Queen arrived like a Trojan horse with Chapter 2 — Season 7’s alien invasion, secretly powering all the alien ships attacking the Fortnite Island. Her mission was a vendetta for being defeated over 10 seasons ago, with Kevin the Cube being a tesseract of power controlled by her.

Loopers banded together to defeat that evil in an all-out Halloween spooktacular, the first of many October traditions of defending the island from ghoulish frights. In 2021, Halloween took up only the first part of Season 8, but the terrifying Cube Queen was no threat to scoff at.

Fortnite Halloween
Fortnite Halloween

After the Season 7 live event, Skyfire, brought down several alien ships and the Cubes within them, the Cube Queen finally had a chance to make things right from her point of view. The Last Reality’s mission is to consume all universes and leave nothing behind, and with Fortnite’s Zero Point being a direct gateway to that — as well as an infinite well of energy — it was her greatest prize.

Kevin the Cube’s first appearance in Chapter 1 — Season 6 played with the possibility of the Last Reality acquiring infinite power. The Zero Point was then contained within The Vault under Loot Lake, which was inaccessible. The Fisher Price evil printed runes on the ground surrounding it to weaken the Island, and melted into the water above, seeping through the dirt. But after having a drop of the Zero Point’s energy, Kevin was defeated by its hubris, much like its ruler..


With the Season 8 event showing the Queen’s defeat by water yet again, with the island flipping and making her collide with the ocean bed, all the effort of converging the cubes into a pyramid and calling upon her fleet went awry. The Cube Queen hasn’t been seen since.

Reality is peaceful during the current season, Chapter 3 — Season 3, but one coincidence might suggest the Cube Queen’s return is already at play. Chapter 2 — Season 7’s alien invasion saw a burst of biodiversity across the Island, with purple and blue overwhelming the bushes and trees.

The biome that appeared with the Zero Point’s freedom echoes nearly exactly what we saw then. A mysterious figure also appears in this season’s cinematic trailer overseeing the new landscape, implying it was intentional.

Fortnite Mysterious Plant Figure

With the Zero Point being the center of all existence, and the Last Reality being existence’s greatest evil, The Cube Queen is sure to return as soon as the silence of peace grows louder.

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