Fortnite: Chapter 2’s The End Event Unveils The Rock as The Foundation

We can smell this one.

Fortnite: Chapter 2 has just signed off with a bang (or should that be a flip?) with the The End event to close out Season 8. Lots of stuff went down, but the biggest thing is that, after plenty of speculation, The Rock is officially portraying The Foundation.

They even had him doing the eyebrow.

Fortnite The Rock
Fortnite The Rock

The End opened with players shooting Cube Monsters before the Cube Queen eventually woke up from her big nap. After tearing opening a hole in the sky, The Last Reality came pouring in, eventually destroying the friendly blue cube that had been protecting the island.

The action then changed to an underground IO facility, where Slone was torturing a captive Agent Jones before The Foundation turned up and freed him.

Jones and The Foundation battle their way towards the Zero Point and then start the procedure to start flipping the island. Most surprisingly, The Scientist and The Visitor then show up, with the former guiding the loopers through the facility. Everyone eventually reconvenes with Jones and The Foundation, but the facility is soon submerged and the loopers are washed away.

The End, well, ends with the map flipping over onto its other side, causing a tidal wave. With you drifting around in the ocean, Chapter 3 is just around the corner with downtime underway.

This ending might have had a lot more impact if TikTok hadn’t already leaked it, but Epic really have taken the cinematics up about ten notches. I can’t wait to hear nothing about Geno for another year, though.

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