Fortnite 2: Season 1: Search Hidden ‘R’ Found In The Forged In Slurp Loading Screen

Slurp slurp.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Week 2 has arrived and with it comes the third mission of the season, ‘Forged In Slurp’. Week 2 continues the Chapter 2 trend of bringing a slew of interesting challenges to sink our teeth into.

This article focuses on the revival of a relatively old style of challenge given life for Season 1 of Chapter 2. This type of challenge involves the scouring of a loading screen image to locate a special item (used to be a Battle Star) dictated by the challenge. This particular week’s challenge asks you to find the hidden ‘R’ in the ‘Forged By Slurp’ loading screen. This is the 11th and final challenge of the mission, requiring you complete eight challenges in the mission to unlock it.

For this challenge to be completed, you need to be up to the challenge and have the loading screen unlocked before it becomes visible. Once you meet these two prerequisites, you can begin your search for the hidden ‘R’.

Below is a picture of the loading screen in question.


Hidden ‘R’ Loading Screen

Forged In Slurp

If you blow the image up to its full size and squint, you’ll see the hidden ‘R’ under the main sewer pipe leading out from the complex, right under the scaffolding. A map showing the location should help you narrow down the search area.


Hidden ‘R’ Map

Forged In Slurp

Forged In Slurp n1

As you can see, you’ll find the R in the vicinity of Slurpy Swamp and more specifically the northeastern corner of the Slurpy Swamp building. There will be a small triangular looking river where the northeastern sewer pipe flows out into, it’s this pipe that will house the ‘R’ under it. It is located at C6 on the main map’s grid.


Hidden ‘R’

Forged In Slurp 2

The area circled in read will be the general location of the hidden ‘R’, under this sewer pipe and its scaffolding. Once you have the loading screen unlocked and you’re up to the challenge, simply head under this pipe and you’ll find the hidden ‘R’ there.

Once you’ve completed this challenge, there are no further challenges in the mission to unlock. Regardless, without a guide this one would be quite tricky, requiring a keen eye to complete. Happy scrounging.

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