Fire Emblem Engage: How To Collect All Emblem Rings (Marth, Roy, Byleth & More)

Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage takes a turn away from the story-heavy style of the previous entry in the series, Three HousesEngage focuses much more on combat, meaning that unlocking and recruiting the strongest emblems is important to lower the average play time, which rocks in at a big 45-60 hours. The long play time will come as no surprise to fans of Nintendo’s tactical RPG series, but with some familiar faces returning to the game in Fire Emblem Engage, players will be seeking out how to unlock all emblems, which are powerful characters that amplify your combat strength and bring some very cool abilities to the battlefield.

As well as this, the twelve emblem rings need to be collected to complete the story and bring safety to the region of Elyos. As the Divine Dragon, only the player can achieve this, so here’s how to collect all emblem rings in Fire Emblem Engage.


How To Unlock Marth

Fire Emblem Engage

Luckily, Marth is available from the beginning of the game as he joins Alear’s party in the main story and can be called upon throughout the entire game to lend strength to the team. Marth’s Engage Skill is Divine Speed which adds an extra attack at 50% damage. His Engage Attack is Lodestar Rush which launches seven consecutive sword attacks at 30% damage. His Synchro Skill is Perceptive, which means that if he initiates combat it grants +15 avoidance and this increases with high speed.

Marth inherits skills as his bond levels up. At level five Marth gains Sword Agility 1, +10 avoid, Break Defenses and +15 avoid. At level six, Marth gains Sword Agility 2. At level seven Unyielding unlocks. At level eight he gains Sword Agility 3 and at level nine he gets +10 avoid.

Marth has three weapons. The Falchion is a sacred sword which is most effective against Dragon. Mercurius is a sword that doubles experience point gain. Finally, the Rapier is a Sword most effective against Armored and Cavalry.


How To Unlock Sigurd

Fire Emblem Engage

Sigurd is one of the first emblem rings to be collected along the Divine Dragon’s journey in Fire Emblem Engage. To unlock Sigurd, players will need to progress through the game to Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom, where he will join Alear and the rest of the party.

Sigurd’s Engage Skill is Gallop which grants +5 movement, and his Engage Attack is Override which is used alongside a sword or lance to attack through adjacent foes. His Synchro skills include Canter which enables him to move two spaces after acting, Headlong Rush which gives him an immunity to being frozen, and Momentum which grants +1 attack to the first attack during combat per space moved before attacking. This means that Sigurd can stack some truly dangerous levels of damage.

As Sigurd’s bond levels up he gains +10 hit at level one, Lance Power 1 at level two, +15 hit at level four, Lance Power 2 at level six, and Lance Power 3 at level eight. Sigurd’s weapons are the Ridersbane Lance which is available at bond level one and is effective against cavalry, and the Brave Lance which attacks twice if Sigurd initiates combat, and is available at bond level 10.


How To Unlock Celica

Fire Emblem Engage

To unlock Celica in Fire Emblem Engage, players will need to progress to Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom, where she will join Alear’s party. Celica’s Engage Skill is Echo which is used to attack with magic at 50% damage and can be used a second time to launch another 50% attack. Celica’s Engage Attack is Warp Ragnarok which she can use to warp up to ten spaces before unleashing a powerful magic attack.

Celica’s Synchro Skills are Holy Stance, which deals 10% of damage taken back to the foe if a Corrupted attacks her, Resonance, which when equipped with a tome, when Celica’s HP is more than 2 she will lose 1HP but deal +2 damage during combat. Finally, Celica’s third Synchro Skill is Favorite Food which maxes out her engage meter whenever someone eats a packed lunch.

Celica’s inheritable skills are added as her bond levels up. At level two she gains +3 magic, and at bond levels four, seven and nine she inherits Tome Precision one, two and three respecively. Celica’s weapons include the Seraphim which is a holy tome most effective against Corrupted enemies, and the Recover, a staff which recovers a huge amount of HP.


How To Unlock Micaiah

Fire Emblem Engage

Micaiah joins Alear and the party after progressing to Chapter 6: Stolen Ring. She has the Engage Skill of Augment which grants her staff +5 range and +1 area of effect. Her Engage Attack is Great Sacrifice which is used to restore HP to all allies. Her Synchro Skills include Cleric which enables units to equip staves up to and including Level C, Healing Light which triggers when a unit heals an ally with a staff, they will then recover 50% of the amount healed in addition. Finally, her Silence Ward Synchro Skill grants immunity to silence.

Micaiah inherits skills as her bond levels up. At level one she gains +2 resistance, at level two she obtains Staff Mastery 1, at level four she gains another +3 resistance and at level eight she gets Staff Mastery 2. Micaiah’s weapons include the Shine which is a light tome and illuminates a +5 radius which shrinks one space per turn. She also wields the Nosferatu which is another light tome that allows her to recover HP equal to 50% of damage dealt.


How To Unlock Roy

Fire Emblem Engage

Roy returns to Fire Emblem Engage as the Emblem of Binding. He becomes available as an Emblem unit by progressing through the story to Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might. His Engage Skill is Rise Above which grants +5 Level and an additional +1 Level to Dragon, +1 Movement to Cavalry and Max HP +5 to Armored allies. His Engage Attack is Blazing Lion which is used to attack adjacent foes in an area three spaces wide, whilst the target area and the two rows beyond it are set on fire when using a sword.

Roy’s Synchro Skills are Hold Out, where if he has 30% HP or more at the beginning of combat, he will always survive with at least 1HP, Advance which is used to move one space towards a foe that is two spaces away and attack, and Hold Out+, which works similarly to Hold Out but with 20%HP at the start of combat being the qualifying criteria.

Roy’s weapons include the Lancereaver which is a sword that grants advantage versus lances but disadvantage versus axes, the Wyrmslayer sword and the Binding Blade famous sword which grants +5 to defense and resistence to magic. As Roy’s bond levels up he gains additional benefits. At level two he gains +2 strength, at level four he gets Sword Power 1, at level five he gets +1 strength, at level seven he gets Sword Power 2 and at level nine he gains +3 strength and Sword Power 3.


How To Unlock Leif

Fire Emblem Engage

To unlock Leif in Fire Emblem Engage players will need to progress through Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might, where he will join Alear. Leif’s Engage Skill is Adaptable which means that if the enemy initiates combat, he will counter with the best available weapon. His Engage Attack is Quadruple Hit which is used to attack once each with an axe, lance, sword and bow. Leif’s Synchro Skills are Arms Shield, which triggers when he has a weapon advantage and results in him taking three less damage than he normally would do, as well as Vantage which means if Leif’s HP is 25% of less and the enemy initiates combat, Leif can counter before the opposition’s first attack.

Leif’s inheritable skills are triggered as his bond levels up. At level one he gains +3 build, at level four he gets Knife Precision 1, at level six he gets +4 build and at level nine he will get Knife Precision 2. Leif’s weapon is the Master Lance which attacks twice if he initiates combat.


How To Unlock Lucina

Fire Emblem Engage

To unlock Lucina players will need to progress through the story to Chapter 10 The Fell Dragon Sombron. When Lucina joins Alear and the party, her Engage Skill is Bonded Shield which is used to prevent first attacks on all adjacent allies until the next turn. Her Engage Attack is All for One which is used to make a sword attack against an adjacent foe, with all allies within two spaces then launching a chain attack.

Her Synchro Skills include Dual Assist, where if she is able to chain attack, she will do so when allies attack enemies that can be reached by moving, and has a 30% trigger chance. She also has Dual Assist+ which has a 70% trigger chance. Her final Synchro Skill is Dual Support which grants an avoidance bonus that increases with her support level with adjacent party members.

As Lucina’s bond levels up she obtains additional inheritable skills. At level five she gets Bow Agility 1 and +2 dexterity, at level seven she gets Bow Agility 2, at level nine she gets +3 dexterity, at level 12 she obtains Bow Agility 3, at level 14 she will get Bow Agility 4, at level 16, +4 dexterity, at level 17, Bow Agility 5 and at level 19 she will have +5 dexterity.

Lucina’s Engage Weapons are the Noble Rapier which is a sword effective against armored and cavalry enemies, the Parallel Falchion which is a sword effective against dragon and the Parthia which is a bow effective against flying which double’s Lucina’s XP.


How To Unlock Lyn

Fire Emblem Engage

To unlock Lyn, players should progress through the story to Chapter 10: The Fell Dragon Sombron, where she will join the party. Her Engage Skill is Call Doubles where she will call chain-attacking doubles and her Engage Attack is Astra Storm which enables her to fire her bow from an extreme distance. Lyn’s Synchro Skills include Alacrity which means that if the unit initiates combat with more than a +9 speed advantage, she will follow up before the enemy can counter attack. This also extends to Alacrity+ which grants +4 resistance to magic and Alacrity++ which prevents Lyn from being broken and reduces the damage from effectiveness.

Lyn’s inheritable skills which are granted as her bond levels up include +1 Speed, +2 Speed and Bow Focus at level five, Bow Focus 2 at level seven, +3 speed at level nine, Bow Focus 3 at level 12, Bow Focus 4 at level 14, +4 speed at level 16, Bow Focus 5 at level 17 and +5 speed at level 19. Her weapons include the Mulagir bow which grants +5 speed and is effective against flying and dragon. The Mani Katti is another of her weapons, a divine sword which is effective against cavalry and armored enemies. Finally, Lyn wields the Killer Bow which easily inflicts fatal wounds and is effective against flying.


How To Unlock Ike

Fire Emblem Engage

To unlock Ike in Fire Emblem Engage, progress the main story to Chapter 12: Heroes of the Oasis. There, he will join Alear’s party and bring with him the Engage Skill of Laguz Friend which means he takes 50% less damage, but at the penalty of avoidance dropping to zero.  His Engage Attack is Great Aether which is used to grant +5 defense or resistance but means he cannot counter for one turn.

Ike’s Synchro Skills include Demolish which breaks destructible terrain in a single blow, Resolve which grants +5 defense if his HP is 75% or less after a fight and Resolve+ which grants +7 defense under the same conditions. As well as this, he also has Reposition which allows him to move to the opposite side of any unit and Wrath which grants +1 critical hit chance for each HP lost at the start of combat.

His inheritable skills scale as his bond level increases. At level five he gets +1 defense, +2 defense and Axe Power 1, at level seven he obtains Axe Power 2, at level eight, +3 defense, at level 12, Axe Power 3 and at level 14, Axe Power 4, at level 16, +4 defense, at level 17, Axe Power 5, at level 19, +5 defense. 

Ike’s engage weapons include the Hammer which is actually an axe which smashes foes but cannot follow up or strike first if Ike initiates combat, it is effective against armored enemies. The Ragnell is a sword which grants +5 defense and the Urvan is an axe which grants +3 resistance.


How To Unlock Corrin

Fire Emblem Engage

Corrin will join Alear’s party after progressing to Chapter 14: The Battle of Solm. Corrin’s Engage Skill is Dreadful Aura which means that if she initiates combat, the target foe and all foes within one space of them cannot move for one turn. Her Engage Attack is Torrential Roar which blasts all foes three spaces in front of her with water, but decreases her avoidance by three. Her Synchro Skills include Dragon Vein which adds various field effects depending on the combat style as well as Draconic Hex which means that whenever the user fights an enemy, if both units survive the battle the enemy will suffer -4 to all statistics. Her final Synchro Skill is Heartseeker which gives the enemy -20 avoidance.

Corrin’s inheritable skills unlock at many levels of her bond. At level five she gets Sword Focus 1, HP +7 and HP +5, level seven, Sword Focus 2, level nine, HP +10, level 12, Sword Focus 3, level 14 Sword Focus 4, level 16 HP +12, level 17 Sword Focus 5, level 19 HP +15. Corrin has four weapons including Dragon Fang which is a special skill, Dual Katana which are effective against lances, Wakizashi which is a throwing sword that can only be used at range and the Yato sacred sword.


How To Unlock Byleth

Fire Emblem Engage

Byleth will be added to the Divine Dragon’s team after progressing through the story to Chapter 14: The Battle of Solm. Byleth’s Engage Skill is Instruct which enables him to grant allies within two spaces a bonus to their stats based on the user’s type which lasts one turn. His Engage Attack is Goddess Dance which is used to grant another action to all adjacent allies. His Synchro Skills include Divine Pulse which may turn a missed attack into a hit, the chance increases with luck, as well as Divine Pulse+ which grants an increased chance of this happening. His final Synchro Skill is  Lost and Found which means that if a unit finishes an action or waits near an ally, it may find an item and increases support with that ally. The chance of this triggering also happens with increased luck.

His inheritable skills which are awarded with increased bond levels include scaling luck and Art Focus up to +12 luck and Art Focus 5. His weapons include the Aymr axe which is effective against dragon and available at bond level one as well as the Blutgang sword which is effective against dragon and cavalry foes.


How To Unlock Eirika / Ephraim

Fire Emblem Engage

Eirika shares a profile with Ephraim, her twin brother. She can swap places in battle with him and change abilities depending on the situation. She combines high firepower and recovery but is great acting alone. They can swap at will using the Alternate command, which is similar to the house leaders who are all one emblem, but the difference is they automatically switch at the start of each turn. They will join the party throughout Chapter 16: Seashore Travels. Their Synchro Skill is Lunar Brace and means that if she initiates combat with a physical attack she will deal extra damage to 20% of the foe’s defense. Their Engage Skill is Sacred Twins which means that whilst engaged with Eirika, changes Lunar Brace to Eclipse Brace and Gentility to Blue Skies for all allies. The Engage Attack is Twin Strike which is used to make a sword attack followed by a lance attack from Ephraim on an adjacent foe, and is effective against corrupted enemies.

As the bond levels up, Eirika and Ephraim’s Lange Agility and Dodge will get increased, up to  Lance Agility 5 and +30 dodge. Eirika’s engage weapons include the Rapier which is a sword, the Wind Sword is a magical sword that can strike close or at range and the Sieglinde which is a paired sword.

As well as the above emblems, the Expansion Pass DLC will also add Tiki from the first two Fire Emblem games as well as Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Tiki’s Engage Attack is Dragon’s Blessing and her Engage Weapon is Dragon Form, with the Synchro Skill of Blessing of the Star Ball. The trio of Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude share statistics and their Engage Skill is Combat Arts, Engage Attack is Three Houses Flash Chain, Engage Weapon is Aymr and their Synchro Skill is Friendly Rivalry.

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