Fall Guys Finally Coming To PlayStation Plus Saudi Arabia


Fall Guys

It’s been a bit of a head-scratcher as to why Fall Guys wasn’t available in Saudia Arabia for PlayStation Plus subscribers like every other country, but now that’s changed. Fall Guys launches on PlayStation Plus in Saudi Arabia today, August 14th.

The news comes from an update from the official Saudi Arabian PlayStation Twitter:

A rough and ready translation:

“We are pleased to announce that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown will be available on the Saudi PlayStation Store on August 14th, as it will be part of the monthly games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in Saudi Arabia for a month. We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy the game.”

There was no explanation given as to the delay, meaning that it’s all a big mystery. Saudia Arabia is infamously pretty strict with the media and content they allow, though I struggle to see what it was about Fall Guys that might have taken so long to clear. All the balls? The ability to dress up? Who knows.

Unfortunately, it looks like Saudi Arabian players will not be able to claim the Big Bad Wolf cosmetic exclusive to the game’s first week of release due to the delay. That’s a big point of contention in the replies in the tweet above, as well as the fact that Cuphead is not on the PlayStation Store in Saudi Arabia either.

Big Bad Wolf Fall Guys
Big Bad Wolf Fall Guys

Fall Guys, meanwhile, keeps going from strength. It’s already soared past two million players on Steam and likely has many more than that as a PlayStation Plus game. It has some pretty big technical issues due to the unexpected amount of players, so if you log-in right now you can get free kudos and cosmetics to make up for it.

We like it a lot, despite all the pain. From our Fall Guys review:

“One or two nitpicks aside, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a ridiculously good time and one of the standout titles of 2020.”

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