Facebook is Getting Colored Backgrounds For Text Posts

In its final march towards making MySpace completely and utterly irrelevant, Facebook is doing what nobody thought it would: expand its color palette beyond blue and white.

Users will soon be able to add colored backgrounds to text posts, which is a huge departure from the norm and a clear way to get people to actually post thoughts, rather than resharing goat memes or whatever the kids are loving these days.

Facebook background colours
Source: TNW

The feature will come first for Android users throughout this week and everyone else won’t have to wait too long to microblog like it’s 2006 either. It’s simple to use, too: just go to post a status and then the option should appear.

It may not seem like much, but Facebook are effectively breaking their own rules by allowing a deeper amount of customisation. With changes like these, who knows what Facebook will look like in December 2017.

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