EXCLUSIVE: TPub To Publish New Sci-Fi Comic–“The Theory”

Twisted sci-fi madness.

Comics publisher TPub revealed to us today that they are hard at work on a brand new sci-fi comic, The Theory, which is currently being drawn live at MCM London Comic Con 2017.

Written by Neil Gibson and currently being inked in-con by artist Phil Buckenham, the comic will be TPub’s first Twisted Dark style science fiction comic.

The TPub team are all very excited about their upcoming comic, and want to show of its creative process to those who are curious about exactly how comics get made. Props to Buckenham for also managing to keep so calm and collected whilst drawing during such a busy comic con!

TPub comics which preceded The Theory

The Theory page and Groot sketchIf you want to see The Theory being drawn live, head down to the Comic Village section of MCM London Comic Con 2017 and look out for Phil Buckenham inking away at the TPub table.

Please Note: The author of this piece has previously voluntarily adapted screenplays for TPub and will not be involved in any reviews of texts from the publisher. 


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