Ewan McGregor To Star in The Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep

But will the sequel match up to Kubrick's psychological horror masterpiece?

Reports are in that Ewan McGregor has signed on to star in the horror film sequel Doctor Sleep, an adaptation of Stephen King’s 2013 novel of the same name that follows from the events of The Shining.

McGregor is lined up to play an older Danny Torrence, who most will remember from The Shining as the young and innocent child perhaps most famous for riding his trike in the corridor of the Overlook Hotel, one of the most memorable and haunting pieces of cinema even today. McGregor is currently set to play the lead of Disney’s Christopher Robin, a light-hearted story based on Winnie The Pooh set for release August 3rd 2018. His role in Doctor Sleep will be extremely different for the actor in comparison.

Doctor Sleep was announced earlier this year in January 2018 with Warner Bros. Pictures developing the project. Mike Flanagan is scheduled to direct the adaptation, who has had experience with a number of horror films including Hush, Absentia and Ouija: Origin of Evil. He has also had a hand in directing one of King’s previous novels, Gerald’s Game which was released in 2017. Akiva Goldsman will co-write the script with Flanagan and has had experience working on well-known screenplays such as The Da Vinci Code and I Am Legend.

Doctor Sleep is scheduled for release on January 24th 2020.

Are you excited for this long-awaited sequel, or would you have rather they left The Shining alone?

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