Epic Warn Fortnite Mobile Players About Fraudulent Invites

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If you’re tracking Fortnite’s progress across its social channels (as any good obsessive would), you have probably encountered a bevy of spambots.

The bots, which typically look a lot like a proper account to the untrained eye, usually spam out a raft of unsafe links under the guise of providing free V-Bucks: the game’s currency for unlocking new cosmetic items. Considering how much of Fortnite’s playerbase is children, that’s just drama waiting to happen.

To reiterate their point, Epic took to Twitter to tell fans that they were yet to send out any invites for the mobile version of the game, so any emails players had received were fraudulent.

If you have received an email claiming to have an invite, I would get some retroactive and proactive protection installed on your device as soon as you can — Hitman Pro is good at clearing up nasty malware/adware.

While the spam is an issue, it’s difficult for it to be really cracked down on as there are so many variant accounts — once you block or report one, another few might pop up with a random handle consisting of numbers. Before this time of writing, there were plenty of spambots on the tweet, which is a wonderful irony, but they have since been deleted.

If you’re after more info about Fortnite on mobile devices, check out all the info here. If you’re brand new to the game, check out our beginner’s tips.

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