Elden Ring: Where to Find Margit’s Shackle

Margit is going down.

Margit’s Shackles are a must-have item in Elden Ring for those looking to defeat the first big bad boss, Margit the Fell Omen, as it allows the user to freeze Margit a couple of times during your fight with him. Here’s everything you need to know about one of Elden Ring’s most valuable items.

To find this Achilles heel, you’ll first need to work your way through Murkwater Cave and fight a couple of tough foes. Murkwater Cave is found under the bridge that leads from the Gatefront ruins to the Church of the Third Marika. When you come across the bridge, get into the river bed and head north, the cave entrance will be on your left. Along the way, you’ll be attacked by skeletons so be sure you take them out by attacking their glowing bits as you work your way forward.

Your progress will be stopped right when you are about to stumble upon the cave by an invader named Bloody Finger Nerijus who will have a bleed effect on his weapon. You’ll need to watch his swings closely so as not to lose too much health yourself. If you last long enough, another invader will join in and help you, so it’s best to just be on the defensive for the start of this fight.

Once Nerijus is defeated, touch Grace inside the cave and make your way through the short but important dungeon.

Now, you’ll navigate the dark dungeon (you might want to pick up a torch from the Church of Ellah merchant), slay a few slow enemies, and come across the dungeon’s final boss, Patches. Patches can be a little tricky to fight but the reward is worth persevering through. He loves to do jump attacks which leave him wide open when he lands. Stay out of his reach and wait for these moments and he’ll be defeated in no time.

Once you get Patches to about a quarter left of health, he’ll beg for mercy. Make sure you don’t kill him. If spared, Patches will become a merchant and will sell various wares including Margit’s Shackle. You’ll need to leave the cave and come back in order for Patches to open his shop officially though. Margit’s Shackle will sell for 5,000 runes which is a small price to pay to help defeat Margit once and for all.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X & S, and Xbox One.

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