10 Easy & Simple Video Game Halloween Costume Ideas

Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem | Easy Video Game Costume Ideas

Do you have a costume prepared in time for Halloween? On a budget? Can’t make it to the Halloween store? Need something at the last minute? Run out of ideas? Worry not, as we’ve compiled a list of nearly dead simple costumes based on characters from some of your favorite games. From a tank top toting testosterone-fuelled twit to a no-named nomad vested in red, there’s no lack of choice if you’re looking for a simple gaming Halloween costume.


1. Steve (Minecraft)

Minecraft game

What You’ll Need:
– cyan blue shirt
– rugged blue jeans
– face paint (optional)
– white fashion contacts (extremely optional)

Steve from the ever-popular Minecraft may not be at the top of many costume lists, but he is at the top of this one. Donning a cyan-blue t-shirt and some rugged jeans, it couldn’t be easier to dress up as gaming’s hippest square.

If you’re a classic Steve purist, paint on a goatee to complete the look (preferably not with your mom/sister/girlfriend’s makeup). And if you really want to go the extra mile, add some all-white contacts and show up to that Halloween party as the elusive Herobrine.


2. Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza)


What You’ll Need:
– a gray blazer
– matching gray slacks
– a red button-up shirt
– a black leather belt
– a very subtle beard

Although a suit may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an easy video game Halloween costume, the Dragon of Dojima’s getup is surprisingly simple (and more than likely easily found at your local thrift/secondhand store).

Consisting of a relatively bland gray blazer with matching slacks, a red collared button up shirt, and a black belt to round it all out, the outfit has carried Kiryu through dozens of street fights ever since 2005. Just don’t forget to pop that collar, slick your hair back, and take the best fighting stance you can when fans recognize your easy as Yuzu pie costume. And try not to have your feelings hurt when actual Yakuza from Japan call your outfit crappy.


3. Carl “CJ” Johnson (GTA: San Andreas)

San Andreas CJ
San Andreas CJ

What You’ll Need:
– a white tank top
– baggy blue jeans
– black sneakers (optionally worn out)
– white boxer briefs
– any amount of appropriate accessories ranging from a bandana to a chain (optional)

Despite being the first GTA game to offer full outfit customization, CJ’s starting ensemble from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has become instantly recognizable to gamers everywhere. Consisting of a white tank top, blue baggy jeans, and the most run down pair of tennis shoes you’ve got, this version of CJ is the first thing that comes to mind and will be instantly recognizable among fans of the best-selling PS2 game.

Just don’t forget to let your jeans sag down so everyone can see the top of your white boxer briefs, homeboy. It was the 90’s after all.


4. The Traveler (Journey)


What You’ll Need:
– a red (or white) bed sheet
– some gold duct tape, a paper plate, and some craft skill (optional)

The Traveler’s garb is just as open to interpretation as The Traveler themselves. While in the game it’s a magical, constantly evolving red cloak, as a costume you could very easily drape a red (or white) bedsheet around yourself in a stylish way and pull off the same look. The beauty of this costume is that beyond the bed sheet, it can be as detailed as you like. A paper plate painted black with holes cut out of it affixed to your face with a yellow headband could take the place of a face covered in shadow.

A stylish red and yellow scarf could be added to the red variant to break apart the layers of your finely draped sheet and add more color and depth to the costume. And if you’re really crafty, you can affix some gold duct tape along the trim to replicate the patterns of the magic-imbued fabric seen in-game.

Remember to only talk in chirps and body language, though. That’ll really sell what you’re going for. Maybe.


5. Lee Everett (Telltale’s The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead season 1
The Walking Dead season 1

What You’ll Need:
– a white long sleeve shirt
– a blue button-up work shirt
– rugged blue jeans
– old boots
– some fake blood and dirt (optional)
– unkempt hair and beard (optional)

As a criminal turned father and survivor, Lee Everett left his mark on gamers everywhere through a single season of Telltale’s mega-hit The Walking Dead series. Donning a literal blue-collar getup, Lee felt relatable and more human thanks in part to his humble appearance. He sports a blue button-up work shirt, with a thermal or long sleeve white shirt layered beneath it, blue jeans, and work boots.

For a little more flair (and recognizability), you can throw some fake blood and shoe polish (or any other number of staining agents) onto the costume to emulate Lee’s struggle through the land of the undead. If you’re looking a little ragged on Halloween night and would rather turn into the skid with a look pulled straight from the zombie apocalypse, this is the fit for you.


6. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider

What You’ll Need:
– a white tank top
– blue tank top with spaghetti straps
– dark khaki work pants
– old boots
– dirt and bandages (optional)
– unique necklace (optional)

In the 90s (and just about ever since), Lara Croft leaped from the screen and into everyone’s mind as gaming’s first mainstream video game sex icon. And while that’s all fine and good, we’ve decided to go with the more modern, albeit less bold, interpretation of Lara seen in the latest trilogy.

Ditching the short shorts, makeup, and high-necked turquoise tank top, this grittier approach brings her back down to a more modest fit: dark khaki pants, a layered tank top underneath a blue spaghetti strap top, and a pair of old boots to tuck the pants into. Depending on how far you want to go with the costume, you can add strategic bandages wrapped along your arm and legs for texture. Or you can go further and seek out her distinctive necklace from places like Amazon or Etsy.

While she may still be showing a lot of skin for a world-traveled adventurer, it’s a definite improvement from her original shameless design for the more modest among you who want an attainable Lara Croft to dress as. Just don’t bring a climbing axe or bow along to the party. Sure, they look cool and complete the ensemble, but you’re mostly just going to scare people.


7. Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

Uncharted 4
Uncharted 4

What You’ll Need:
– almost any color of henley shirt
– rugged jeans (blue, black, or brown) or cargo pants
– some boots
– white undershirt (optional)
– suspenders (optional)
– scarf (optional)
– keyring on a shoestring (optional, but highly recommended)

Probably the first character to come to mind when you saw the title of this list, of course Nate is going to make a list about easy video game Halloween costumes. With a seemingly endless amount of henleys, jeans, boots, and stamina, you really can’t go wrong with a Nathan Drake costume.

Firstly, you pick your favorite color of henley — Drake seems to prefer light khaki, brown, or dark blue. Layer a plain white tee underneath that if you wish, throw on your most beat up (but not torn) pair of jeans, step into some boots and you’ll have stepped into the shoes of gaming’s favorite treasure hunter.

The best part of this ensemble is how flexible it really is. Even if you don’t have a pair of jeans in the right color or wear, Nate has been known to wear cargo pants too. While you could easily stop there and win some praise for your attire (especially if you get the hair right), a few finishing touches such as a thin scarf, a pair of suspenders clipped at the hips acting as a holster and a keyring tied with a shoelace to make his iconic ring necklace will complete the look and ensure you’re recognized as the master of destruction himself.

BONUS: if you’re trying to get the attention of the more hardcore fans of the series, swap out the henley for a white and red baseball shirt and see how many people recognize you.

EXTRA BONUS: If you happen to have a blonde haired partner, just follow the Lara Croft section, swap out the blue shirt for a red one, use less bandages, and you’ve got a Nate + Elena couples costume.


8. Funky Kong (Donkey Kong)

Funky Kong
Funky Kong

What You’ll Need:
– a white tank top
– torn blue jean shorts
– a black leather belt
– sporty sunglasses
– a red bandana
– confidence

Don’t think we forgot about you chunky monkey bois. Debuting in the Donkey Kong Country games, Funky Kong’s expressive animations bless us with his extreme hobbies, chill attitude, and one-of-a-kind style that only a great ape could pull off.

Wearing ripped jean shorts, a black belt, white tank top, sports shades, and a red polka-dot bandana, there is no way anyone who has seen this funky monkey would mistake you as anyone but this incredible Kong.

But the most important part of the costume? Confidence. If you have it in you to channel the energy of Funky Kong, don’t fight it. Halloween lands on Funky Monkey Monday this year, so we’ll be damned if we let anyone take this away from you, King.


9. Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem

What You’ll Need:
– a red tank top
– dark blue jeans
– heavy boots
– suspenders
– fingerless gloves
– Terminator-style sunglasses
– pouches, satchels, and pockets (optional)

Let’s say you’re absolutely jacked. Juiced. Pumped up. Goated with the sauce. Based. Let’s say all that was true. And you have a buzz cut? Duke Nukem has been waiting for you to be inside his clothes for ages.

Equipped with a red tank top, dark blue jeans, suspenders, heavy kickin’ boots, fingerless gloves, sunglasses, and enough pouches to make Batman blush, Duke is prepared for everything from an alien invasion to ego stroking.

Just remember that it’s 2022, so it’s fine to be a narcissist, but leave the sexism and toxic masculinity in the 90’s and you should put a twinkle in the eyes of many a boomer shooter fan.


10. Joel Miller (The Last Of Us)

The Last of Us Joel and Ellie
The Last of Us

What You’ll Need:
– a flannel shirt (optionally threadbare) or an old dirty button up work shirt
– rough khakis or cargo pants, or some stonewash sunburnt jeans
– steeltoe boots or work shoes
– a nice-ish watch (with an optionally broken face)

Are you an older dude with a beard and a few gray hairs? Great, throw on some flannel with some cargo pants and you become Joel from the critically acclaimed and recently remade The Last of Us.

Obviously with a few flourishes, you can really lean into what makes the costume unique. Joel’s flannel is more threadbare and dirty from about 20 years of wear, same goes for his pants, and his choice of footwear usually involves some kind of steel toed boot or work shoe. Don’t forget the sadly destroyed mid-range timepiece on his arm given to him by his daughter.

If it’s October 30th and you have nothing planned but a closet full of flannel, take a long hard look in the mirror and decide: Can you pull off Joel?

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