Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Out Exclusively For PS4 Today

Chant it if you dare.

EDF Iron Rain

If you have been itching to bug out for a while, today is your lucky day with the release of Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, which is playable exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Developed by Yuke’s and published D3 Publisher, EDF: Iron Rain is a “gritty” new direction for the series, though don’t expect Batman Begins out of it. It’s still going to have some of that trademark EDF silliness, and probably about a third of the frames it should have.

But would you have it any other way?

As we previously mentioned, there are plenty of changes for Iron Rain, one of the most notable being that you are now able to create your own character. Iron Rain also has a much bigger focus on the story than any other EDF game and gets rid of classes, among other surprising twists.

Will you be picking up EDF, or is does its acronym make you too uncomfortable as a Brit? Not sure you could get away with chanting EDF on the UK streets, just saying.

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