Donnie Yen To Star In Sleeping Dogs Movie Adaptation

A screenshot from Ip Man 3, showing Donnie Yen dressed in white, in an action pose.

If there’s anyone who can break the video game to movie curse, it’s Donnie Yen. The guy could probably break legitimate witchcraft curses with a well-placed kick, if we’re being honest.

Luckily for everyone with ears and eyes, the martial arts legend will have an important role in the adaptation of Sleeping Dogs, itself an underappreciated open world gem which saw you play as an undercover cop. Of all the adaptations of games we’ve seen, Sleeping Dogs is a natural fit as it’s grounded in reality and has zero orcs.

The film will reportedly follow an “undercover police officer (Yen) on a mission to take down one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world: the notorious Triads.” No word yet if the main character will be Wei Shen as in the game.

Donnie Yen was most recently seen in Rogue One and has been a massive part of the new xXx movie’s success in China with his popularity in his home country seeing the movie to a record opening for an Imax movie in February.

Cassie will be pleased.

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