Devil May Cry 5 Guide: How To Get An SSS Rank With V

Mash buttons.

Devil May Cry 5 V

Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 isn’t as hard as its older brothers. With a wider range of acceptable playstyles and more than enough ways to beef your characters up before the credits roll, beating Devil May Cry 5 on either of its standard difficulties should be a breeze. This is especially true with the new character, V. Once it’s time to go beyond and take on Devil May Cry 5’s harder modes, it’ll take a little more out of you. Unless you’re V. V is busted.

Newcomer V strikes an interesting balance between returning veterans Dante and Nero. Interesting in the way that it’s not balanced at all. V is completely broken and only requires you to pay a modicum of attention to dodge an attack here and there to achieve your SSS Rank. While yes, in the heat of combat, fighting with V can be interesting. Tactical even as you stand back from the battles and direct your animal buddies variety of attacks, but here’s the thing. They can just keep attacking.

Literally look at an enemy, think of its positioning, and then hold the stick back or forward or neutrally while mashing X and Y on an Xbox One controller and square on triangle on PS4. Your buddies are relentless, they’re hungry, and you have a pointy stick to command them with. Once an enemy is weakened, you must lock onto them and press B to finish them for good. This is the only place you can lose style. If an enemy tries to attack you, either double jump backwards, bring the bird with you, which is ranged and can fly back into the action, or if it’s a big attack, dodge to the side, riding your panther friend.

This guide is practically pointless. You probably earned a SSS Rank your second time playing as V and you didn’t even notice because of the giant flash of colors and particles, I know I did. Just mash mash mash away. Position your thumb so it hits both of V’s attack buttons and just go ham. Devil May Cry was never meant to be this easy, and don’t think for a second that this will work as well on any difficulty past Devil Hunter. Seriously. It’s so free. Stop reading this and go get your SSS Rank, my child.

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