Destiny 2: Crota’s End Raid – All Loot You Can Obtain

Destiny 2 Crota's End raid loot
Destiny 2 Crota's End raid loot

With the return of another reprised raid from Destiny 1 for Destiny 2, Crota’s End will have players facing off against the Dark Below expansion’s main antagonist, Crota.

Since his original demise way back in 2014, fans have been wondering what kind of gear the raid is bringing back, and there are a few nice surprises included with this raid.

From all kinds of Crota-themed weapons and armor to a new reprised exotic, this article has you covered on all things gear from Destiny 2’s latest update.


Crota’s End Raid Weapons

Some of the most exciting new additions to any raid are the loot, and weapons are usually the most sought-after, especially if they fit with the current meta.

Additionally, all weapons on this list are craftable, with some grinding necessary to obtain the weapon pattern and materials.


Word of Crota – Hand Cannon
Fang of Ir Yût – Scout Rifle
Oversoul Edict – Pulse Rifle
Abyss Defiant – Auto Rifle
Eidolon Ally – Auto Rifle
Husk of the Pit – Auto Rifle
Swordbreaker – Shotgun
Song of Ir Yût – Machine Gun

All these weapons are random drops that can be obtained throughout the raid after successfully completing an encounter. You won’t get all of them in one run, so if you have some hours to spare and have the hunger to chase every weapon in the raid, then good luck to you.


Necrochasm – A Returning Exotic


Every raid and dungeon released by Bungie always comes with an exclusive new exotic. As this is a returning raid, it also includes a returning exotic, Necrochasm.

Necrochasm is an auto-rifle that was first implemented into Destiny 1 during the Dark Below Expansion. As with a lot of reprised exotics, Bungie has also made additional tweaks to this auto rifle to make it a viable weapon in the Destiny 2 sandbox.


Crota’s End Raid Mods

With a new raid comes new mods that’ll help you on your repeat runs. These are additional rewards found in chests at the end of each encounter. All mods included are:

Stoic When Panicked:

“Gain damage resistance while you are standing on a plate, near a lantern or totem, or while you carry the relic sword. Multiple copies of this mod stack to increase this benefit.”

Refreshing Thirst:

“Becoming Drained of Light grants you an armor charge. Multiple copies of this mod stack to increase this benefit.”

Brimming with Exhaustion:

“Reduce duration of the Drained of Light debuff by 2 seconds. Multiple copies of this mod stack to increase this benefit.”

Chomping at the Stem:

“After you have been Drained of Light, gain a bonus to mobility, weapon handling, and reload speed. Multiple copies of this mod stack to increase this benefit.”

Violent Pour:

“Weapon final blows against challenging combatants spawn an Orb of Power. Multiple copies of this mod stack to increase the potency of the Orb of Power.”

Benevolent Overflow:

“While Engulfed in Light, dying or having the Chalice of Light taken from you creates a burst of healing around you. Multiple copies of this mod stack to increase the radius and potency of healing.”


Crota’s End Raid Armor


If there’s one thing to take away from the raid, it’s the badass new look you can get for your guardians. What’s most exciting is that the Age of Triumph armor ornaments from Destiny 1 have returned as the base armor for the raid to give your guardian a touch of finesse.

The spiky glow look that came with the raid-themed armor was one of the best visual sets you could get. Here’s a list of all returning amour for each class with the Crota’s End raid.



Warlock Helm
Warlock Helm
  • Deathsinger’s Gaze – Helmet
  • Deathsinger’s Grip – Gauntlets
  • Deathsinger’s Mantle – Chest Armor
  • Deathsinger’s Herald – Leg Armor
  • Bone Circlet – Warlock Bond



Titan Helm
Titan Helm
  • Willbreaker’s Watch – Helmet
  • Willbreaker’s Fists – Gauntlets
  • Willbreaker’s Resolve – Chest Armor
  • Willbreaker’s Greaves – Leg Armor
  • Mark of the Pit – Titan Mark



Hunters Hood
Hunters Hood
  • Unyielding Casque – Helmet
  • Dodged Gage – Gauntlets
  • Relentless Harness – Chest Armor
  • Tireless Striders – Leg Armor
  • Shroud of Flies – Hunter Cloak


Additional Cosmetics

Oh yes, we’re not done just yet. It’s the raid that keeps on giving, as the last little loot drops are in the form of emblems, a shader, a sparrow, and a ship. If you want a fancy new title, you can always complete a bunch of challenges tied to the “Swordbearer” seal and let everyone know you took down the big bad Crota himself.


War’s Lament – Exotic Ship


Crota’s Exile – Exotic Sparrow


Warped Rachis – Shader

Additionally, Illuminated Peril and A Broken Throne are the two new emblems that come with Crota’s End. However, the Broken Throne emblem is only obtainable during the contest mode (which is only enabled for 48 hours from the raids release on the 1st of September). If you and your fireteam manage to complete the contest mode raid, you will secure this emblem forever.

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