Destiny 2: 4 Changes We Want To See

Destiny 2

A little over a month in, the console players of Destiny 2 have pretty much finished up all there is to do on a regular day. Events roll out at a regular pace, though up to this point it’s not added much in terms of depth or diversity, which has begun wearing down the regular fanbase. If we’ve hit power cap, what else can we look forward to? There comes a time where a change of pace is needed, and it’s about that time for Destiny 2. Luckily, there’s tons of room to grow here, so it’s just a matter of picking the best place to start. As a player full of ideas, here are the four places where I’d improve.


Do something with the MIDA Multi-Tool

I seriously thought this was blatantly obvious, but I also don’t see any changes coming, so I’ll put this suggestion in writing. The MIDA Multi-Tool is toxic for the PvP content and should be changed. Guys, if you have a gun that is literally used in the vast majority of matches, it’s probably because that gun is imbalanced. In this case, the MIDA is too good at just about everything, leaving most Kinetic Weapon slots lacking any kind of diversity.

Just so we’re clear on what this gun does, it’s a scout rifle that has a greater range than most any gun besides an actual sniper rifle. The damage per shot is decent, made better by the fact that it’s pretty quick to fire and pinpoint accurate. Top that with the unique ability to keep your minimap open while aiming down sights, and you’ve got the MIDA. And if you equip its sister gun, the MIDA Mini tool, you move faster, because why not? Oh, and it also comes with High-Caliber Rounds, which give a chance to stun the enemy, throwing off their shot. Did I mention that basically everyone uses this gun? How has this not been addressed?


Add an Event that actually changes gameplay

Destiny 2

So far, Destiny 2 has had Faction Rally, the Trials of the Nine, and is currently in the midst of the Iron Banner. For those that don’t know, these are “special” events where you continue to play Destiny 2, but the loot looks cooler. I’m only slightly joking about this.

As someone who’s run through their fair share of MMOs and the like, an event usually has at least some little twist on the basic gameplay to make it interesting and exciting for the short amount of time it’s available. For example, Overwatch has a Snowball mode for their winter event where everyone plays the same character, guns have one shot before reload, and you kill in one hit. Sure, it’s not a massive shift, as you’re still just shooting people, but it’s enough of a difference that it engages the audience.

By contrast, the Iron Banner event in Destiny 2 asks you to continue playing the same PvP mode, Control, but now you get different loot. I can barely contain my excitement.

Instead, why couldn’t we see a PvP mode where you can only use Power weapons, or maybe a PvE Boss Gauntlet, or perhaps a combination of both where you battle against another team to collect the most eggs from an Infested nest. Anything would be better than an event where you ask us to keep doing the same shit we’ve done since day one.


Put in Matchmaking for Nightfalls

I know what you’re thinking here: they have the Guided Game, and that’s basically matchmaking for solo players. I’m very aware of Guided Game, reader, and that’s where half the frustration comes into play. If you already offer a semi-matchmaker, and you also have an app to help match random players up for the Nightfall, why not give us a full matchmaker for these? Sure, the Nightfall is a tougher mode and more coordinated than an average strike, but that doesn’t mean strangers can’t parse it out together. As a function we would choose to utilize, a matchmaker just means Solo players get to have fun together and potentially make new friends.

As another quick example, World of Warcraft offers matchmaking for 25-man raids. I think Destiny can allow me to trudge through a Nightfall with randoms.

Add in some Raid and Nightfall exclusives

Destiny 2 jumpinh

There’s a certain innate pull in PvP where you keep playing just to improve your play, but there’s not much content keeping the PvE players once they hit the top item level. Currently, a top level player has the option to complete the weekly Nightfalls or run the singular Raid that’s in the game.

The issue here is that neither of these offers much as a reward once you complete them. With item level caps already set in place and eventually achieved through weekly quests, there’s no real drive to continue beating the top-level content. As an MMO, it’s generally accepted that if you want the best gear, you’ll need to complete the toughest content, but Destiny has given out this gear for anyone with enough time to finish simple quests.

Why would I waste literal hours of my life grinding out the raid for a metaphorical thumbs up? At least give me a slight bump in item level, or maybe give me this sweet exclusive gun for mastering your game. Just like the events, anything is better than more of the same.

Destiny 2 is still in its infancy as a game release, so there’s plenty of time for Bungie to innovate and add content. However, as a game mostly focused on PvE content, the well is quickly running dry, with only the weekly Nightfall adding any kind of variety to the weekly grind. With an expansive world and some of the greatest minds in video games, Bungie has plenty to work with, but the Destiny players won’t wait around forever.
The PC version of Destiny 2 releases this month. Maybe that will turn things around.

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